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This is Why I Support Hillary…

February 25, 2008

The following is a quick reference for Hillary’s top legislative accomplishments. Underneath is a longer list with more extensive information on her 35-year record.
* Hillary helped to pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program in 1996, which today provides health insurance to over 6 million kids.

* Hillary spearheaded the Vaccines for Children program which has resulted in record high immunizations for toddlers.

* Hillary reached across the aisle to work with Lindsey Graham, among other high-ranking Republicans to successfully expand access to TRICARE for Guard and Reserve soldiers so our troops can get the health care they need.

* Hillary worked to get over $20 billon to help New York after 9/11, and passed legislation helping New York first responders get the medical attention they need.

* Congress recently passed Hillary’s Kids and Cars safety legislation which protects small children in and around motor vehicles by requiring cars to have common sense child safety protections.

Accomplishments and Record

Hillary has spent most of her life leading, or being part of, the greatest political and social movements of our times – the struggles for civil rights, women’s rights, human rights, and the plight of children and the poor.  For 35 years, she has worked as a grass roots activist, advocate, and public servant. Her goal is always to find solutions to our most pressing problems, and today that begins with our nation’s free-falling economy.


*In law school, Hillary provided free legal services on behalf of neglected and abused children in the foster care system.

*After law school, Hillary joined the staff of the Children’s Defense Fund working for disabled children and improvements in the juvenile justice system.

*At age 26, she became director of the first legal aid clinic in Arkansas. Three years later, she was appointed by President Carter to serve as chairman of the board of the national Legal Services Corporation.

*As First Lady of Arkansas, she helped expand and modernize the state’s rural health care system and led the effort to reform Arkansas’ public schools, producing an improvement in quality and accountability. She also started the first microfinance program in Arkansas, which gave low-income people access to credit to start their own small businesses.


*A Voice for Women’s Rights and Democracy: Hillary became the most influential and visible voice on behalf of women’s rights around the world. A familiar presence on the global stage, she was known as the human face of American foreign policy as she built diplomatic and cultural alliances on every continent and championed democracy, human rights,  and social development.

*Children and Families: The centerpiece of Hillary’s domestic agenda in the White House was children and families: She helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program; developed the Administration’s Child Care initiative; spearheaded the effort to provide immunizations for all children; helped expand Head Start and create Early Head Start and Safe Start, as well as after-school programs; launched a national campaign to reduce teen pregnancy; and succeeded in passing legislation to improve the foster care and adoption systems.

*Women’s Health: Hillary was one of the first to demand Medicare coverage for annual mammograms for women over 50 and Medicaid coverage for women with breast cancer and cervical cancer.

*The Economy: Hillary was a champion of working people and the middle class: She fought for family and medical leave; better retirement security for women; a higher minimum wage; and access to credit for low-income Americans.

*Military Families: Hillary was a voice for American military families, speaking out for better medical care and living conditions for men and women in the armed services.


Nearly a year ago, Hillary was one of the first to warn of a looming economic crisis.

*The Economy: Hillary has fought to reduce the deficit and restore fiscal sanity to Washington. She has steadfastly opposed Bush’s irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and supported tax cuts for the middle class. She has advocated expanding the earned income tax credit, raising the minimum wage, and introduced legislation to ensure equal pay for women. She recently outlined an aggressive economic stimulus package to jumpstart the economy and has a comprehensive plan to end the foreclosure crisis and keep families in their homes, including a temporary moratorium on Home Floreclosures.

*A Spirit of Bipartisanship: While a staunch critic of many Bush Administration policies, Hillary has reached across the aisle to work with Republican senators on issues of common importance, including medical care for military families teacher recruitment, and foster care and adoption, electronic medical records, car safety for kids and ending the genocide in Darfur.

*Military Health and Readiness: A member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Hillary has continued to give voice to the concerns of America’s military men and women. Working with Republican Sen. Jim Talent, she passed legislation to track the health of troops going to Iraq; with Sen. Lindsey Graham she expanded access to medical care benefits for National Guard and Reserve soldiers; she passed a measure to preserve combat pay for injured National Guard and Reserve soldiers; she demanded and won enhanced body armor for our troops; and secured family and medical leave for the families of troops injured or killed in action.

*A Champion of Health Care for Children, Women, and Families: Hillary has continued her role as a champion of children, women, and families. She has successfully introduced and passed legislation to ensure proper drug testing and labeling of pediatric drugs; helped expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program; sponsored and passed a bill to help family caregivers get access to affordable, high quality respite care; continues to champion a woman’s right to choose and helped lead the fight to make the emergency contraceptive, Plan B, available over the counter. Hillary worked with GOP Senator Bill Frist to pass a measure expanding the use of electronic medical records to significantly reduce costs in the health care system.

*Firefighters and Emergency Responders: Hillary was one of the few who listened to the concerns of firefighters and first responders after 9/11 ensuring EPA testing of the air downtown when Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki were telling people to return home, She helped secure funding to track the health effects on those working at Ground Zero and challenged Bush to restore funding for injured 9/11 workers. Hillary also helped 9/11 families who lost financial security by making sure they were provided compensation and support services.

*Education: Hillary built on her vast experience as an education advocate to pass legislation encouraging people to enter the teaching profession and offering incentives to recruit, train, and retain teachers. She has also worked to bring more talented principals to disadvantaged schools.

*Genocide in Darfur: Having traveled extensively around the world, including Africa, Hillary understands the gravity of the genocide in Darfur. Since early 2006, she has been part of a bipartisan group of senators pressing the Bush Administration to take firmer actions to get international peacekeepers in, continue to pressure the Sudanese government, and to endorse multilateral sanctions, an arms embargo, and a no-fly zone if Khartoum does not cooperate.

This is why I support Senator Clinton.  Not only has she been a champion of the issues that are important to me, but she has a record of executing everywhere she has gone.  That is what is most important to me – not just a President who wants change, but a President who can deliver that change.


No Country For Old Men

February 24, 2008

Fidel Castro is officially stepping down as president of Cuba. It is assumed that Fidel’s younger brother (and I use the term younger loosely) the 76 year old Raul Castro will take over control of the country. Fidel has been in power since 1959 and this change of power might mean something, or it might mean more of the same. His brother has the support of the military whom he has commanded since 1959 so there is no doubt that their fierce loyalty will be used to Raul’s advantage. My questions to you are as followed:

  • What changes, if any will this bring to Cuba?
  • Should the U.S. President talk to the next leader of Cuba?
  • Should we end our “quarantine” of Cuba?
  • What do you think is the best way to go in relation to our policy on Cuba?

Partisan Politics

February 24, 2008

Ian, it is people like you who make politics so dirty to the average American. It is beautiful that Barack and Clinton are able to bring voters out in record numbers. (it’s sad that 27% is a record number but regardless). A majority of Democrats wouldn’t mind having either candidate as President. We have our preferences, sure, but what happens if the person you want does not win. Now you’ve put out tons of false ammunition out there for John McCain to pull out during the general election. What happened to the days when contenders to the White House, sat down and had honest debate. When their supporters said “i like so and so because…” “we’ll you have an interesting point but i have to disagree because…” You’re turning a blog that was meant strictly for intellegent debate and conversation into a BARACK EATS BABIES forum. The purpose of this website and this entire organization is to increase participation in government and politics. But the videos and comments you have been leaving on this website is an exact copy of the polarizing partisan bickery that has driven so many Americans away from it. I am proud to be a member of a party that has a woman and a black man as the two lead contenders. I am proud to know that if either of those candidates win, we will be seeing some truely democratic reforms. Who wins the primary is totally irrelevant. I disagree with Hillary Clinton, sure, but I’m not going to come to the next meeting with a stuffed Hillary hanging from a cross.

 So with all due respect, stop bashing the character of Barack Obama because he is a good man; if not anything else to you. Stop putting up all this slander and nonsense. Why not start a conversation ” Why I think Hillary is a Better Choice” instead of “Barack will destroy this nation in a fireball”

Keeping Equal Representation in the Nonsense Tomfoolery

February 24, 2008

I’m particullary a fan of the last one.

Enter Anti-Hilary Propaganda Phrase Here

February 17, 2008


And Now for Something That Matters

February 17, 2008

Today Kosovo declared indepence from Serbia. The streets of Manhattan had cars blasting their horns with Albanian flags flying from the windows. People marched down the streets with Albanian flag T-shirt and other flags. It was just beautiful to see the people so happy. I threw up the peace sign and started shouting “Good Luck” and “God Bless You” but then I realized that no one else around me knew what the hell was going on. It was terribly depressing. I went into Penn Station to check out the New York Times…Kosovo was NOWHERE to be found on the front page, and if it isnt there tomorrow I’m going to be incredibly pissed. Public ignorance aside, it was beautiful to see the celebration, and it was the sunshine of my day to hear that this finally went through. And, as I’ve said about Serbia and Russia since World War I; Piss off

Yes We Can!

February 10, 2008

I’m sure most of you may have already seen this, but I watched this today and couldn’t believe it and decided to share it. Defintely check it out.