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Greatest Ad Has Ever Run

May 30, 2008



Ok, now where’s the real mayor?

May 29, 2008

John Tyler Hammons was sitting in the Mayors chair fielding questions from reporters, both local and national. The small Oklahoma town of Muskogee has never seen this much media attention before. It No it wasn’t a sex or a corruption scandal that has brought attention to this small town it was the election of their newest mayor himself.

He served as president of the Young Democrats and the Young Republicans his senior year of high school. But that was last year. That’s right, last year. The 19 year old freshman from the University of Oklahoma recently beat a former three term mayor with over 70% of the vote. Now he’s just moving back in with his mom and setting up an independent ethics commission and is planning to establish campaign finance reporting requirements for those running for office.

He is a registered republican and the youngest at large delegate for the RNC. However at his age he is an inspiration to college students and college democrats in particular. I’m sure running for Mayor of New York City is a little different, but you have to remember that people are tired of business as usual. They want a new kind of politics, they want to believe in their politicians. This shows us that there is a new kind of politics out there, politics of hope. (There’s my plug for Obama today)

Honoring Our Heroes.

May 26, 2008

Recently, the House and the Senate passed a new G.I. Bill of Rights, introduced by Senator Jim Webb (D) of Virginia, that  would extend the benefits of higher education to veterans returning from service to full in-state public four-year college tuition.

Considering the inadequacy of the current G.I. Bill, “which requires a $1,200 fee to enroll in college and provides no money for books or housing” according to The Modesto Bee, the proposed new G.I. Bill definitely sounds like a great idea.

However, it does not sound like a great idea to President Bush and John McCain.

President Bush has said he will veto the bill because according to the Congressional Budget Office, it would decrease re-enlistments by 16 percent.

That is somewhat of a valid argument by Bush, key word, somewhat.

But, that argument can easily be seen as unreasonable since according to the New York Times: “the C.B.O. has also predicted that the bill would offset the re-enlistment decline by increasing new recruits — by 16 percent.”

If this bill came into law, not only would veterans receive better benefits, there would also be greater incentive for potential military recruits to join the military.

As the Modesto Bee also points out; “The benefits (of the bill) would cover the cost of in-state public college fees and provide a stipend for housing and books. The cost: $2 billion a year.

That’s less than one week of the Iraq war.

I am absolutely disgusted that both Bush and McCain both oppose this bill because they are always portrayed as these America-loving, soldier-hugging patriots when the truth is they completely deny our veterans the honor and the benefits that they deserve such as the G.I. Bill. We cannot simply send off the sons and daughters of our country thousands of miles away, to fight a war that should have never been started and then not even afford to give them the benefits and the honor that they deserve when they come back home.

It’s time not to treat our veterans just as soldiers but also as human beings, the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers that they really are.

“Hate war, but love the American Warrior.”

-LTG. Harold G. Moore (Ret.)

Dem Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

May 20, 2008

So it begins. Barack Obama is the New Hope for the Democratic Party, he is the Luke Skywalker that will save the Democrats from the Evil Republican Empire. Barack Obama has won the majority of pledged delegates. It is now mathematically impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination without having the super delegates overturn the will of the people. What does this mean you ask?


Really? Hahaha, you poor fool, you thought that the long flat seemingly endless Bataan death march to the nomination would end so soon?

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are still trying to raise money, and will even make eleven year old Dalton Hatfield sell his bicycle to get it. This woman must be stopped before her junior high school antics continue.

Whats next Hillary? Are you going to get your buddies to beat up the nerds and take their milk money to run ads in Montana?


Hopefully not soon, because then I wouldn’t have much to write about. In the meanwhile, nothing has changed, Hillary will continue to fight and say that the bastard children of the DNC (Michigan and Florida) should count, which I have my own thoughts on.

Until Hillary Clinton officially says that she’s finally dropping out of the race and supporting Barack Obama and his Vice President John Edwards nothing will change. Hillary will contest him in South Dakota, Montana and Puerto Rico. Chances are Obama will not get the 2,026 delegates necessary to lock up the nomination before the June third primaries in South Dakota and Montana. Nothing changed tonight, nothing will change anytime soon, but it’s like wrestling. You know what the outcome will be but you still watch!

So despite all the stuff you’ve been hearing, it is not over…. every time you try to get out, they just pull you right back in.

I have a question, Where in the World Is John McCain?
(He’s probably with Carmen Sandiego)

Barack Obama

Dems Sweep 3 for 3!

May 17, 2008

Democrats picked up a northern Mississippi House seat in one of the most conservative-minded districts in the country Tuesday night — an upset that will reverberate darkly through a House Republican caucus already reeling from losses in special elections in Illinois and Louisiana….

The victory marks the Democrats’ third straight special election pickup in three months. It will be a serious blow to the Republican Party’s already-flagging morale and will surely prompt a new round of finger-pointing among the already fractured GOP caucus.

What does this mean? Well if the trends continue, we should all hope that this is the foreshadowing of a Blue revolution in November. Keep up spreading the word, remember: Field Wins.

Good News: STJ College Dems Website is Up!

May 17, 2008


Check it out Dems!

Funny Look At Politics

May 17, 2008

I saw this commerical the other day, it’s a witty look at politics that I find hysterical. Maybe if we could get a Democrat in office the government could be run more like this: