Dem Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

So it begins. Barack Obama is the New Hope for the Democratic Party, he is the Luke Skywalker that will save the Democrats from the Evil Republican Empire. Barack Obama has won the majority of pledged delegates. It is now mathematically impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination without having the super delegates overturn the will of the people. What does this mean you ask?


Really? Hahaha, you poor fool, you thought that the long flat seemingly endless Bataan death march to the nomination would end so soon?

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are still trying to raise money, and will even make eleven year old Dalton Hatfield sell his bicycle to get it. This woman must be stopped before her junior high school antics continue.

Whats next Hillary? Are you going to get your buddies to beat up the nerds and take their milk money to run ads in Montana?


Hopefully not soon, because then I wouldn’t have much to write about. In the meanwhile, nothing has changed, Hillary will continue to fight and say that the bastard children of the DNC (Michigan and Florida) should count, which I have my own thoughts on.

Until Hillary Clinton officially says that she’s finally dropping out of the race and supporting Barack Obama and his Vice President John Edwards nothing will change. Hillary will contest him in South Dakota, Montana and Puerto Rico. Chances are Obama will not get the 2,026 delegates necessary to lock up the nomination before the June third primaries in South Dakota and Montana. Nothing changed tonight, nothing will change anytime soon, but it’s like wrestling. You know what the outcome will be but you still watch!

So despite all the stuff you’ve been hearing, it is not over…. every time you try to get out, they just pull you right back in.

I have a question, Where in the World Is John McCain?
(He’s probably with Carmen Sandiego)

Barack Obama

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7 Comments on “Dem Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”

  1. Chris Puntarelli Says:

    Yea, I have come to terms with the fact that she won’t drop out. She’s going to go the Ted Kennedy route and stay in until she is officially done.

    I think Edwards would be a great VP, he could help Obama lock up states like Virginia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. We might not even need states like Florida to win this election if the south comes back to the democrats.

  2. Chris Puntarelli Says:

    In all honestly, as great as an Obama-Clinton ticket would be, I don’t think it would work.

    I don’t realistically think a black man and a white woman can beat an old white man in an election no matter what. It will take some time for the United States to adjust to the idea of minority and female candidates. That’s why you need (i can’t believe I’m going to say this) a token white man on the ticket.

    She’ll stay in until the Michigan and Florida questions are answered.

    Oh and don’t blame Edwards for John Kerry. He could of had Jesus as his VP and they probably still wouldn’t have voted for him. He was way too “elitist” in the eyes of the public, he probably hangs out with Anthony Grajales.

  3. gamer881 Says:

    Hillary has recieved 160,000 more votes…so now we call Barack Obama the will of people.

    I guess by that standard George Bush was the will of the poeple…

    Democrats always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot

  4. Chris Puntarelli Says:

    Mr. Rivera you must be privy to some information I am not.

    The caucuses awarded delegates proportionally, as I am aware the exact number of votes were not released in a lot of caucus states. Unless you’re pulling some sort of Watergate here where you’re getting into the DNC files without other people knowing, that’s just a random guess on your part.

  5. nickroloson Says:

    Not to mention Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan.

  6. gamer881 Says:

    Counting everyone who got up in the morning, got dressed, walked to their polling station, stepped in, pulled a lever, and satyed committed to their obligation to vote, Hillary has recieved 168,363 more votes than Obama (17,420,923 – 17,252,560)

    Obama not being on the ballot in Michigan was a political decision made to curry favor with Iowa and New Hampshire (so much for being above the fray) and then he encouraged his supporters to vote uncommitted in an attempt to embarass Clinton by having a greater uncommitted vote. He was then the sole reason a re-vote did not occur, as he did not sanction the re-vote and therefore the legislation never passed.

    And Chris, you always talk about rules and how we have to follow the rules…well the rules state that if a candidate is not on the ballot then the undeclared vote is the official vote…period! And also the rules were that neither candidate was supposed to campaign in florida…Obama ran campaign ads in florida from mid january through the Florida primary; i dont know about you but I thought that television ads count as campaigning and thus there are grounds for Obama to be disqualified from Florida…

  7. chrispuntarelli Says:

    *(Iowa, Nevada, Washington & Maine Have Not Released Popular Vote Totals. RealClearPolitics has estimated the popular vote totals for Senator Obama and Clinton in these four states.

    That’s the disclaimer under that poll.

    As for Obama and Florida and Michigan, Obama played by the rules set out by the DNC which both candidates agreed to prior to the elections. I am not aware of any ads in Florida.

    I find it sad that the supposed next president of the United States (Hillary Clinton) didn’t seem to mind signing off saying that the votes wouldn’t count in Michigan and Florida until she started losing. Now she’s compassionate and cares, where was this in January? It’s sad to see someone who went so high on the political radar drop and is using hypothetical to maintain their candidacy.

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