Padavan’s Vision for the Future: ……..

Recently I was tipped off by a reader to Frank Padavan’s website. Now as many campaign websites do there is a section of what the candidate plans to do if elected.

I was looking over the Padavan campaign website and clicked on the link for his “vision.” Unfortunately for him, there was nothing there. Luckily, we can rest assured that it’s “coming soon.” I’ve attached a screen shot of it below, but you can see it at

Does anyone else think it’s sad that after 35 years, despite running for reelection, Frank Padavan doesn’t have a vision for the future?

Oh, and the best part. Check out the copyright date at the bottom. 2005! That’s how long this vision has been coming, he just might be out of ideas.

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One Comment on “Padavan’s Vision for the Future: ……..”

  1. Lilly of the valley Says:

    I think its pretty clear now that he might actually have a vision…
    “Now more than ever I am energized and ready to continue to build upon the partnership we have forged over the years to make our community the best place to raise a family, start a business or enjoy your golden years. Moving forward, I pledge to build upon my deep-rooted commitment to state government reform and accountability in order to achieve a brighter, stronger and prosperous future for the hardworking middle class families and seniors of Northeastern Queens.”

    -Senator Frank Padavan

    …maybe he needed 35 years to finally decide what his vision was if he even had one… :*

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