John McCain’s Campaign can’t Take the Heat

Remember a few years ago when John McCain would spend hours at a time sitting on the “Straight Talk Express,” explaining his policies in detail, answering whatever questions reporters had? McCain had a great relationship with the press–they loved him and he loved them back, when they would press him, he would answer and press back. It was refreshing.

Too bad that’s not around anymore. The new John McCain campaign isn’t tough enough to answer some honest questions.

Last night on the CNN program The Election Center, reporter Campbell Brown asked Tucker Bounds, a McCain campaign spokesman, some simple, honest questions about the national security and foreign policy experience of McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin. Here’s the exchange:

Brown: I’m trying to get someone from the campaign to explain to me what foreign policy experience she has, or what qualifications she has, that would allow her to be commander in chief should something happen to John McCain.

Bounds: …She’s been in executive office longer, and in a more effective sense, longer than Barack Obama has been in the United States Senate. She’s been the commander of the National Guard–of the Alaska National Guard that’s been deployed overseas, that’s foreign policy experience–

Brown: Let me interrupt you for one second, because I’ve heard you guys say this a lot. Can you tell me one decision that she made as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard? Just one.

Bounds: Any decision she’s made as Commander in Chief of the National Guard is more of a decision than Obama has been making as he’s been running for President for the last two years.

Brown: Tell me what it is. Give me an example of one of these decisions. I’m just curious. Just one decision she made in her capacity as Commander in Chief of the National Guard.

Bounds: Campbell, certainly you don’t mean to belittle every experience, every judgment she makes as commander of the National Guard.

Brown: I’m belittling nothing. I just want to know one judgment or one decision. I would love to know what one decision was. I’m not belittling anything, Tucker, I’m really not. I’m just curious.

Bounds: She makes a decision as to how to equip, how to command the National Guard in Alaska–That is more experience in judgment than Barack Obama has made on the campaign trail.

Brown: But Tucker, those are the Pentagon’s decisions, that’s General Patraeus, that’s the White house.  No governor makes decisions about how to equip or deploy the National Guard, you know, when they go to Iraq, those decisions, as you well know, are made by the Pentagon.

Bounds: Campbell, on a factual basis they certainly do. In Alaska if you have any sort of emergency as things are happening in your state, the National Guard is under command of the governor…

And the video (the good stuff about Palin’s qualifications starts about 4:40 into it):

It gets worse. John McCain was supposed to do an interview with CNN’s Larry King, but he backed out today because the campaign thought Campbell Brown’s interview was “over the line.”

If John McCain can’t stand up to Larry “The Master of Softball Interviews” King, can we really expect him to lead the country?

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