Israeli Embassy In London Faces Mass Demonstrations

(New York) Today protesters have gathered near the Israeli embassy to protest the recent military incursions into Gaza. We have clips from YouTube filmed by protesters outside of the embassy. The protesters were not allowed close to the embassy as they were held back by the London Metropolitan Police.

These protests follow reports stating that the embassy had received a white powder filled envelope which turned out to be a false alarm. Stay tuned for more updates.

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109 Comments on “Israeli Embassy In London Faces Mass Demonstrations”

  1. johnrj08 Says:

    Where was the Arab world\’s anger while Hamas was launching rockets into Israel over the last couple of years? Surely, they were aware that such tactics would eventually provoke a reaction from Israel. Or, did they all just expect Israel to sit back and absorb the attacks? I find the Arab world\’s response to this crisis to be laughably hypocritical. Their inaction and inability to control the violent factions within their own religion have been a major contributor to this bloodshed.

  2. Kim Sams Says:

    Hamas has been bombing Israel and no one said a thing but the moment Israel says enough is enough those hypocrits start protesting! I can’t stand bullies and that is what they are! Shame on Hamas and the people who are on thier side.

    Why can’t you all just play well with others?

  3. Richard Neva Says:

    Israel owns America and runs it with complete abandon. They have every weapon of mass destruction America can deliver and they are the chief terrorists in the world second only to America. May God damn both countries!

  4. Paul H Says:

    Hamas launch’s rockets into Israel and nobody says a word. Israel punches the big bully back harder than they hit, and everyone is up in arms. How is it this make the news with this slant. Who really thinks that Israel should not defend it self, and if possible stop the faction that is attacking altogether?

  5. Peter D Says:

    The Israel is fascist state run by Zionist Nazis

  6. Dragos Says:

    I can’t believe nobody is saying it on the news… Who’s benefiting from this? The oil producing countries, so somebody asked Hamas to launch a few rockets so the oil price go up. It’s that easy

  7. Slick Says:

    The solution is simple…..STOP THE ROCKETS INTO ISRAEL HAMAS !!!!!!

  8. Hussien Says:

    Shame on you and all who are with Israel who endorses the occupation and support Israel killing of 5 children today at down and killing the Palestinians police forces who were trained and funded by the EU only to be killed by an F-16, who will patrol the streets when this is over? The Israelis have to suffer until they realize that this unacceptable and the occupied land have to be returned to their rightful owners.
    Where is Israel when they are suppose to recognize the Arab peace initiative in return for peace and a normal life with its surroundings? shedding crocodile tears on your children and ignoring the rightful right of a whole nation.
    Crying over a man killed in the jungle is a crime and elimination of a whole nation is a point of view and a collateral damage . Wake up.

  9. DJR Says:

    Quite obvious London has a problem. Probably a good time for Londoners to start thinking about restricting their foreign entrance to anti – Semitic middle easterners who’s only purpose in life is to go about the world hating Jews. Israel a land for Jews, made up of Jews, governed by Jews!

  10. Sean Says:

    Explain to me how Israel is suppose to sit back while Hamas launches rockets into Israel? Come on, seriousely there is never any big story about how Israel gets rocketed but oh boy the moment Israel goes on the offensive the whole world is all of a sudden wanting the violence to stop.

  11. Peacefull Says:

    Ehud Barack’s analogy with San Diego and Tijuana, is like saying, let’s bomb all of east Los Angeles because there a few gang members terrorising citizens. If you agree with this school of though, you need help.

    I am not defending Hamas, however the rockets launched by them is a response to the blockade, Palestinians don’t have access to food or medicine, over 50% are under the poverty line. Do your research please.

  12. Randy Says:

    Kim, the reason they cannot play well with others, is that they cannot even play well with themselves. Hamas and Fatah fought to control the Gaza strip: the gang against the government and the gang won. Since they can win a war against thier own people, why not take on the rest of the world. They have the Iranians on thier side and the Iranians don’t take s**t from anybody. Not even good advice from thier own people.
    The rest of the world will persuede Israel to stop the offensive. The Palestinians will see this as a weakness and the rockets will soon be flying again. Its a gang mentality. They want control of everything, but don’t know how to control it when they have it. It is called Chaos, and Hamas enjoys Chaos.
    The Arab world needs to work with the rest of the world. Socielty isn’t going to go backward to the days when “the king is master of all he surveys”. Everyone needs thier neighbors and thier neighbors need them. So much more can be accomplished if we work together dispite theological differences.

  13. Peacefull Says:

    In addition, the 50%+ below poerty line is a direct result of the blockade and occupation.

    Why does Israel occupy Palestinian land? Please answer that.

  14. Randy Says:

    To Hussien: Who are the rightful owners? And when did they become the owners?

  15. Peacefull Says:

    Randy, there seems to be a misunderstanding. No one is talking about the State of Israel, at least I’m not. I am talking about the land that was assigned to the Palestinian people, Israel STILL occupies many portions of that, and it allows settlers to build homes, plus it imposes a blockade.

  16. Hussien Says:

    Arabs can be called as Anti – semitic? where are you living on the moon, if the Jews are not easterner then what they are doing in the middle east ? then Jewish are from New york or anywhere but not from the middle- east.
    Can somebody tell me please if they ever heard that a white man is a originally a Chinese ? the answer is no then can you have a westerner who is from middle-east? the answer is no again, then where you from? don’t say middle east., you just proved it.

  17. Peacefull Says:

    Arabs cannot be anti-semite as they are semites themselves.

  18. Peacefull Says:

    Semites, hmmm … Let’s read and get educated..

  19. Hussien Says:

    The one being killed not the f-16 terrorist who are mass punishing a whole nation without sparing kids universities and mosques.

  20. JackOfHeart Says:

    THis is exactely what Israel is good for; total destruction of humanity, lives, buildings, even olive grooves destruction for the building of their selfish terrorist promise land. Killing children on Christmass is a “fuck-you” message to the entire world. People that claim to be once victims of the terrible holocausts are doing the same terrible thing to the Palestinians. It seems like Hitler was right, The only peacefull and free world is a world free of jews….

  21. Peacefull Says:

    And more education…

    “In August 2005, the last Israeli settlers left Gaza, followed by the last Israeli soldiers in September, as Israel pulled out of the Palestinian territory it had occupied since 1967. The Israeli withdrawal from Gaza gave the general impression, at least in the Western press, that Israel was effectively turning over Gaza to the Palestinian Authority. That was not, and still is not, the case. ”

    Again, why does Israel occupy terrirories and land. Is this ‘gang mentality’? Please….

  22. Peacefull Says:

    Should I go on? Please stop me anytime you see fit!!!

    Israel continues to control the joint Gaza Strip-West Bank population registry, which means Israel gets to decide who is a “Palestinian resident” and who is a “foreigner.” Palestinians must seek Israeli approval for every individual who wants to move to the West Bank.

    The Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt was supposedly turned over to the Palestinian Authority. In fact, Israel continues to control the crossing to the extent that it may bar entry to “foreigners”—that is, Palestinians who are not residents of the Occupied Territories—or anyone it deems a security risk.

    Israel continues to maintain complete control of the movement of people and goods between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which Israel considers a “closed military area” off limits to anyone without a permit. West Bank residents are also forbidden from traveling aborad, including to the Gaza Striop, without a difficult-to-obtain Israeli permit.

    As far as trade is concerned, Israel controls the three crossing points in and out of Gaza (Karni, Sufa, and Kerem Shalom). Israel routinely closes the crossings to any exchange of goods, causing severe food and other shortages in Gaza.

    Israel still controls taxation and other levies in Gaza.

  23. ian.rivera Says:

    Israel has every right to defend itself against constant rocket attacks but my fear about the disproportionate use of force is that it will play right into the hands of Iran. Israel looks like the aggressor, arabs will become sympathetic with Hamas, and Iran will be chosen as the counter to the westerners supporting Fatah.

    I would have rather seen a small, special forces incursion into Gaza to take out the launch areas, and then have the mossad go in and take out the militant leaders in Gaza. With these bombings, too many civilians are being killed and they are taking out all the security forces – who will maintain control and calm when Israel leaves?

    I also think that Ehud Barak is using this war as a political motivation to promote his own candidacy for Prime Minister – which is a shame, I like Livni.

  24. JackOfHeart Says:

    I am an American who is sick of our nation supporting the most terrorist state ever existed. This reckless killing thats being supported by our nation is going to be the deadly punch to our leadership in th eworld, economically, politically and ethically. Children are innocent no matter what faith they belong to. Airstrikes on the places of worship and schools defies any morals or ethics…..thats right, jews dont have any morals nor ethics…… America has gone from U.S.A to “Jew”.S.A.

  25. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Hey Peacefull [sic], you’re wrong on all counts, perhaps because you failed to follow your own advice (“Do your research please.”) Here are some highlights:

    First, Barak’s analogy was spot-on in context, but appears incorrect as you’ve spun it. However, that’s because of your spin; you spun it incorrectly. Following your logic to it’s rational conclusion: Were LA gangs launching rocket attacks into Tijuana, and had the LA locals overwhelmingly voted to empower the gangsters to collect LA taxes knowing their money and imprimatur would be used to underwrite continued attacks on Tijuana, then of course Tijuana would be within its rights to strike back in order to defend her own citizens. Your own analogizing would be dramatically improved if it [A] brought in all of the salient elements to make the comparison valid and real and [B] completed the analysis to its rational end instead of abruptly crashing midway into an awkwardly misplaced prescription for an impractical unrequited pacifism ethic.

    Second, you demonstrated an excellent grasp of half of Mideast history when you sermonized “the rockets launched by them [Hamas] is a response to the blockade”. Had you done your research, you’d have learned the critically important half of relevant history about the blockade being a response to Hamas rocket attacks which preceded and necessitated the blockade. I would also note that all Hamas tactics (suicide blast belts, rockets, etc.) are ultra-violent and reckless, while Israel always attempts nonlethal defense mechanisms first (the fence, the blockade, etc.).

    Third, peaceful is spelled with one “l”.

  26. JackOfHeart Says:

    In case you wonder who the “Anti-Christ” are; Those that will do things Christ won’t do. Evil will always try to decieve and create excuses to Kill, destroy and humilate. The Anti-christ will be burned in hell, so are their supporters.

  27. Brad Brzezinski Says:

    Actually JackOfHeart, your country is controlled more by the oil producing states than any other influence. I don’t expect you to understand that because your hatred is so comforting to you.

  28. Peaceful Says:

    Thanks for spelling…

    Read my post about the occupation since 1967. Israel has been an occupying nation BEFORE hamas was ever esblished. They also occupy many parts of the west bank, no Hamas there.

    My LA-Tijuana is correct, I live in LA and know the rules of engagement in LA. The LAPD doesn’t have the power to go in search and destroy missions, even though they would love to. In a country of Law, these things simply do not happen.

  29. Peaceful Says:

    Brad, you’re off topic 🙂

  30. Yigal Says:

    Notice that they are waving Yellow Hezbollah flags. Are these “protestors” interested in “protecting innocent civilians” or in favor of supporting terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbullah who seek to wipe Israel off the map?

  31. Yigal Says:

    Oh yeah. And that picture that someone is holding up – not of Palestinian children or victims – but Hassan Nasrallah. Hezbollah’s Chief.

  32. Peaceful Says:

    Yigal, you too are off topic! Why is Israel occupying land that is not theirs?

  33. Hussien Says:

    Terrorism, terrorist this the only thing that is not defined clearly anywhere, for me any party targeting civilians are devils and they fall within my definition, including the mass punishment of a whole nation including those who killed Rabin and the Haganah who started the killing of the people of Palestine and contributed this as a jew invention to the world of stealing of land and rights.

  34. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Focusing maniacally on the semantics of anti-Semitism has always been the exclusive province of the anti-Semite. The aim of such nitpicking has always been transparent: anti-Semitic Arab dictators have sought to co-opt Jews’ legitimate claim to historic unjust mistreatment. In the current Arab/Israel conflict, we see aggressive, violent anti-Semitic terrorists and their apologists (like “Peacefull”) rising to condemn Israeli self-defense as the root cause of preceding anti-Semitic terrorism.

    So, what does “anti-Semitism” mean? Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels is quoted (see Wikipedia) acknowledging “The German people is anti-Semitic. It has no desire to have its rights restricted or to be provoked in the future by parasites of the Jewish race.”

    While it’s absolutely true that Arabs, like Jews, are descended according to the Bible from S(h)em, making both peoples Semitic in a strict academic lexicon, in standard English (and German, etc.), we can see that the term has an exclusive use and meaning of hatred of Jews. This is not to trivialize hatred of Arabs, it’s just a plain acknowledgment of the historical reality that English is a language of convention, and the conventional meaning of the term anti-Semitism is hatred of Jews–just as surely as the word “movie” is a reference to moving pictures and not other things that move such as automobiles (and using the term “movie” exclusively with reference to moving pictures is not an expression of anti-automobile bias).

    So let’s understand where Peacefull is coming from when he decries standard English and it’s usage of the term “anti-Semitism”; it is an attempt to simultaneously downplay the notion he personifies of Jew hatred while tugging at heart strings for supposed targeting of Arabs (who’ve never been subjects of a genocide, a pogrom, an expulsion, etc., on the basis of their Arabness). Peacefull also aims to distract your attention from Gaza Arabs’ grievous trespasses against Israel with this semantic sidebar by finding a new avenue of Gaza victimhood toward which to direct your sympathy; remember, Gaza is suffering now the consequences of Gazan belligerence–not anti-Arab sentiment. Let’s further understand that Peacefull is dead wrong on the fact of the word’s definition. See the proof for yourself at and at

  35. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Peaceful, we’re all on topic. You’re just off your rocker.

  36. Yigal Says:


    Who made you moderator? On the contrary, YOU are off topic – what does occupying land have to do with the video on this blog? Lol!

  37. Joseph Fattal Says:

    How can we compare few rockets, and that firepower that Israel have. As one Israeli reporter said this morning, that’s too much power against them. And while hundreds of palestinians are getting slaughter,the world is watching how president-elect Obama going to handle the crisis. He is going to be in office January 20. So the slaughter going to continue from Israel, until Obama is in office, Israel will send their diplomat to the white house. {They usually do that after every adventure into gaza}. The new administration will back Israel, that they have the wright to defend themselves, and how much do you need. If the us government show any interest for the palestinians to have a state, then the US should come out with a plan, for a state not a ceasefire. The problem in gaza is a US problem, and Israel will do whatever the US wants them to do.Don’t tell me when Joe Biden said about Mr. Obama that “Someone going to put him on the test” he didn’t know that Israel was planning to attack Gaza.

    History made two major errors; Egypt should’nt have let the jews out from Egypt.
    We should have let Hitler finish his final solution.
    The world would have been much better.

  38. Yigal Says:


    Perfectly put. You are the man (or woman).

  39. Yigal Says:

    Yes, Joseph, Israel does have superior fire power. And – instead of endangering young soldiers – I hope they use it to blow those terrorists and those who support them to kingdom come.

  40. Peaceful Says:

    Yigal, you just demonstrated your lack of information in the topic.

  41. Peaceful Says:

    Yigal, I really feel sorry for the hatred inside you. If you feel those men, children and women are terrorist, you really need to take a deep breath and come down to earth. But then again, why am I not surprised…..

  42. Yigal Says:

    Coming from you, Peaceful, I somehow don’t feel particularly insulted.

  43. Peaceful Says:

    Yigal, it wasn’t an insult, I was merely pointing out, that your anger lead to your lack of information.

  44. Peaceful Says:

    This isn’t about taking sides people, this is about the truth and the killings of innocent lives, I don’t know, maybe I landed on a forum of jew and arab haters….

  45. jack phoeninix az Says:

    Let Isreal wipe them out. Everytime they cease fire, the Arabs stir it up. Give Isreal all they need to cleanup the middle east.

  46. Peaceful Says:

    Good job jack! That’s the spirit!! Why don’t you join?

  47. Hussien Says:

    Encouraging the wipe out and the cleaning of the middle-east is that peaceful or you only have the name of you ?

  48. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Peaceful, your sense of history is, well, challenged. Again.

    Prior to 1967, Yehuda and the Shomron (the local and historically correct terms for the region on the west bank of the River Jordan) were occupied with an iron fist by King Hussein, the Hashemite monarch over the Kingdom of Jordan. Similarly, Aza (Anglicized into “Gaza”) residents were brutally suppressed like the rest of Egyptian nationals under their dictator, “President” Nasser until Egypt, Jordan and others lost their 1967 bid to wipe Israel off the map. Just to repeat, Jordan, Egypt and the rest of the combined Arab forces did not win the costly war they compelled Israel to engage, and they have no standing to demand territorial or other concessions from the victor.

    One interesting historical point you conveniently neglected is that under Jordanian and Egyptian occupation we heard little of “Palestinian” nationalism, historical territories, self-determination aspirations, resistance to occupation, or national history. In fact, prior to 1967 the term Palestinian was primarily in currency as an epithet for Jews, and Yehuda, Shomron and Aza Arabs together with Egyptians and Jordanians under pan-Arabism acknowledged and took pride in their collective heritage as conquerors from the Arabian peninsula (today, Saudi Arabia). Nonetheless, terrorist organizations like Hamas (though Hamas itself hadn’t formed up yet) initiated anti-Semitic terror attack waves during the 1948-67 period of Arab rule in Shomron, Yehuda and Aza. However, even though Israel had nothing to do with those regions, terror cells based from Algeria to Iraq attacked Israel, not the Arab states that were occupying the areas you allege Israeli occupation is today the cause for Arab terrorism.

    Your analysis of cause and effect in the Mideast would be infinitely more meaningful if you took the trouble to understand the history yourself before trying to explain to others what to make of it.

  49. Mnlara Says:

    Both sides are wrong. as for Vigal’s comments – there’s harsh word on you and so does with Peacefull’s comments. War is wrong….killing of innocent people are dead wrong….no matter whose side you are on. If arabs and Isreal can’t live together. I only see doomdays in the middle east. an eye for an eye and so forth until one side has so much hatred that an atomic bomb or other weapons of mass destruction is used. I see the entire Middle East in Flames.
    Stop the killings….sit down and negotiate in peaceful ways. Armed struggle is not always a sure way to peace.

  50. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Peacefull with 2 L’s writes (5:32pm): “Why is Israel occupying land that is not theirs?”. And then (at 5:45pm), apparently shocked by the offense rational people take to his wildly anti-Semitic revision of history, he exclaims “it wasn’t an insult”. Later, like a naive babe in the woods who only unwittingly demonized the Jews for the prior 20 minutes, Peacefull ruefully reflects (5:46pm): “I don’t know, maybe I landed on a forum of jew and arab haters”. What Arab haters? (Note to Peacefull with 2 L’s: Arab should be capitalized.)

  51. Peaceful Says:


    First, we can go back many years before that if you’d like… It will only show that Jews were actually living in harmony with Arabs, in fact, they still do today in many Arab countries (including Syria, Lebanon and others..), but you don’t hear of that of course because of the media.

    Second, again, with the anti-Semitic expression. Arabs ARE Semites.

    Third, Aza (or Gaza) is not, it is Ghaza, not sure if you can pronounce that. I’m not sure where you are reading this up, but it is inaccurate.

    Fourth, I now see where you’re coming from now, in your “Arab terrorism”. Read up on what Israel did. You are at the very least, very ill informed, it shows in your statements such as “anti-semitic” and “.. their dictator, “President” Nasser”

    Read up and get educated…

  52. Peaceful Says:

    I never once insulted anyone on this or other forums. Moderator, please show me.

  53. Jonas Saulk Says:


  54. Peaceful Says:

    Corrections: I don’t see you commenting on statements made against Arabs on this forum. At least I am preaching peace, you on the other hand aren’t. My comment to Yigal was not an insult, if you read, you would understand what I meant. Yigal, may God help you find peace.

  55. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Double-L Peacefull wrote at 5:40pm: “Yigal, I really feel sorry for the hatred inside you. If you feel those men, children and women are terrorist, you really need to take a deep breath and come down to earth. But then again, why am I not surprised?”

    Here’s why Peacefull with 2 L’s is not surprised: he knows more about the Arabs of Shomron, Yehuda and Aza than he likes to admit. He knows that Arab residents of the Palestinian Authority administered territories overwhelmingly voted to install a violent gang known for perpetrating random terror attacks against innocent Israeli civilians to lead them. He knows that under Fatah rule, the PA-controlled schools, newspapers, mosque sermons, television programs and summer camps programmed a generation of children valued by their parents and their society not for their capacity to accomplish good, but for their potential as suicidal warhead delivery systems. The culture-of-death Gaza atmosphere is a tragedy for Arabs and Jews alike, but it’s grossly unfair, even anti-Semitic, to label Israelis inhumane for recognizing the extant danger and shielding her own innocents from it.

  56. Peaceful Says:

    I already corrected the Ls way back and thanked you for it; get over that…

    Arabs are semites too, look it up.
    Nasser was not a dictator, look it up as well.

    You are mis-informed.

  57. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    “Preaching peace”, is that what you think you’re doing when you argue that the basis of the Mideast conflict is Israel’s occupation of Yehuda, Shomron and Aza (even though the pan-Arab movement to violently erase Israel from the map pre-dated Israeli occupation of those zones)? Or are you “preaching peace” when you try to squelch usage of the term “anti-Semitism” just at the time when we need that term to understand the dynamics of very unpeaceful current events in the Middle East? I think you should be as cognizant as the rest of us are that you’re preaching anti-Israel hostility, not peace.

  58. Peaceful Says:

    Corrections: anyhow, have a nice day or evening and remember, we all love you. Even the Arabs do 🙂

  59. Peaceful Says:

    I’m not against the existance of Israel one bit. I’m only against any form of violence, whether an idiot who straps himself, or an organized and planned invasions.

    Later 🙂

  60. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Peaceful, do you read? If so, you should read my comment on your argument against the term “anti-Semitism”; therein I addressed the fact that Arabs are Semites and why that has no bearing on the crux of our argument. Look it up.

    Nasser was not a dictator, you say? Look it up:,9171,862299,00.html?iid=digg_share.

    You really need to do your homework before you go online putting your foot in your mouth before the whole world, friend.

  61. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    With lovers like you, who needs declared enemies?

  62. Just Wow Says:

    People seem to have a remarkably short memory of history, claiming that Israel has a right to the land since they won the war in 1967, what about the fact that Israel was established after World War II? The Palestinians have lived in Palestine for thousands of years, and there were Jews, yet somehow there wasn’t this big problem. Israel has repeatedly restricted and reduced freedoms in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the existence of which shows the extreme segregation tolerated by Israel under the guise of protecting themselves. The fact that they don’t allow basic supplies into the occupied areas is why Hamas has such a strong backing, they are the only ones willing to stand up to the occupiers, and the people laud them for that. Anyone that thinks bombing a population will cause the terrorists to go away is sadly mistaken, it only does the complete opposite by killing people’s families and causing them to seek revenge.
    Israel has also said that it is seeking a two state solution, but they refuse to recognize legitimate elections and continue to build settlements that most of the world that hasn’t pledged to always defend Israel have called illegal. The United States needs to stop it’s policy of finding Israel in the right on every issue, as well as stopping the sale of arms to Israel. Since Israel uses these weapons to indiscriminately kill civilians in areas under its control, much like Saddam Hussein, it should be classified as a terrorist state, and by the United States past record, should be invaded and a new government formed that consists of all sides.
    Just as a side note, if you look at the numbers for number of Israelis killed compared to the number of Palestinians killed by Israel. Israel has killed more than 3 times as many Palestinians, and according to the numbers on Wikipedia, kills nearly 10 times as many children under 18. How this makes the Palestinians the aggressor is beyond me.

  63. Peaceful Says:

    You’re also putting words in my mouth (or in your head). You are obviously well spoken and you sound really good, but what you are saying is simply not true. Arabs don’t even know this “anti-semite” expression, the western world invented it; there is no translation for it. I am for the existance of two states, living side by side, where one has the freedom to move about within their country or land. Currently, the Gazans can’t; it doesn’t mean that I’m against Israel, it just means that something political needs to be done in order to resolve the situation. The same goes for Hamas, something political needs to be done, or do you really feel agression is an answer, on either side?

  64. Peaceful Says:

    Correction: It’s a matter of perspective, as it always is, that is why peace is needed. People see things from their won perspective.

  65. Just Wow Says:

    Correction: Just as another note, don’t believe all the labels the news media puts on people, Nasser was elected by a 99.9% majority, who at the same time also ratified a constitution working to replace a monarchy with a constitutional democracy. While he may have restricted opposition, he was never a dictator, there were elections.
    Maybe you should do your homework before looking like an idiot on the internet…

  66. Hussien Says:

    I know that Hebrew is much is more ancient than English and Arabic two and yet someone here chose to refer to some English dictionary to translate a word that is not English, oh my god, later on coming with nothing on hand other than twisting of the truth right and left and talking of the rightful owners of Palestine before even the birth of Moses (PBUH) and throwing the international community and the UN, which recognize the occupation hand on hand with the independence and the birth of Israel.
    somebody needs to be spanked and sent to bed.

  67. sam Says:

    It’s interesting listening to everyone go back and forth. It’s an ironic parallel to what is going on over there. Is anyone familiar with the term “Two to Tango”. I am always amazed by the lack of reason and the lack of any ability to see both sides of a coin. Isreal and Palestine have more in common than most people want to admit. The only difference between the military actions of both countries is that Israel fires on an actual target. Misslles lobbed blindly into a space are still misslles fired. I don’t understand the guy who keeps calling the Israeli’s murderers but makes no mention of the palestinians. The only difference is that the Israeli’s are better at what they are both doing. Killing and death is never the right way to handle a situaion. But people don’t seem to realize that this is an inherently violent world that we live in and it has been for some time. Peaceful, I understand why you don’t get this. You don’t live in that environment and probably will never have to face the situation you speak of with such confidence. I have a hard time feeling sorry for either side because at the end of the day each has to result to the same type of violence. I guess I would to if I was so unfortunate to live in that situation.

  68. Corrections to "Just Wow" Says:

    Israel was “RE”-established after WWII, and many of today’s 22 Arab nations were then drawn onto the map. A key distinction between Israel, which is exclusively the Jews’ historic national homeland, and Arabs who would today like to establish a novel second Palestinian Arab nation (the Kingdom of Jordan is populated by a majority that identifies its nationality as “Palestinian”) is that we don’t find a Palestinian nationality, much less a national homeland of Palestinians, anywhere in history before the Zionist movement. That’s a pretty big clue into who rightfully owns the land in dispute. It is true that Arabs illegally settled Israel during the 7th century Arab conquest, and that thereafter the Arabs violently and illegally expelled the indigenous Jewish population. During the course of the ensuing centuries, the Jews never relinquished their claim to their homeland, and despite successively renewed expulsion campaigns the Jews always maintained some presence in Israel.

    Your argument that got along famously with their Muslim occupiers is a farce, and I would encourage you to read up on the Dhimmi rules Jews of Israel were subjected to under Arab rule. The only way to properly understand your comment that “somehow there wasn’t this big problem” given the reality of what was going on is that the Jews were persecuted without possibility of hitting back given their minute relative population strength. By a decent person’s reckoning, unilateral rape, theft and general subjugation isn’t an absence of a big problem. Some people only think it’s a big problem when the Jews fight back, not sure if that’s you or if you just haven’t a complete understanding of the historical picture.

    I must also respond to your observation that the present unrest stems from Israel-imposed restrictions on Arab freedoms. Two points: [A] Arabs in Israel enjoy greater freedoms than Arabs anywhere in the Arab world and [B] Restrictions imposed by Israel in areas it occupies were a response to anti-Israel violence emanating from those regions and did not pre-date the violence. Hamas and it’s peer terror networks enjoyed popularity among Arabs before Israel began responding to the cells’ attacks, and decades before Israel ever occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip regions. The reason the US supports, agrees with, and provides arms for sale to it’s great friend and strategic ally in Israel is because Americans see through the illogical arguments that Israel’s enemies ask them to swallow, arguments like “Israel is subjected to terrorism due to her response to pre-existing terrorism”. That sort of circular logic just doesn’t hold up well to an educated American newspaper reader.

    I will lastly address your complaint that not enough Israelis have perished under the withering Hamas rocket fire. We hear a lot about the necessity for “proportionate” Israeli responses. Again, sophisticated Americans see right through that rubbish. No smart American believes that Israel must permit and await one civilian casualty before it can react, or that Israel must repay a civilian casualty with a strike against a civilian. The reality is that most Israeli strikes kill terrorists, with some accidental civilian collateral; most Hamas attacks are exacted by imprecise means, and they kill innocents more often than not. Israel does not seek to mimic terrorist casualty infliction ratios or means. Rather, Israel has the right and responsibility to hit back hard against the terrorist infrastructure, and the rightful berth when forced to protect her citizens to engage in military actions that may also result in undesired consequences to PA-area civilians. By no means is Israel under any obligation to expose her citizens to continued hazard of PA rocket fire by some dim-witted calculus that Israel must withhold military intervention for fear the death tolls will fall to heavily to the PA side. That’s ridiculous!

    The PA Arabs are the aggressors not because they’ve inflicted the highest casualty numbers, but because they initiated the conflict (ie, failed to honor the truce during it’s effective period, failed to renew it, and fired rockets and mortars into Israel). For more on this, have a look at the dictionary under “aggressor”.

  69. Just Wow Says:

    I did comment on the Palestinians killing people, I just said that they killed a lot less, and they actually do sometimes target Israels military. I’m sure if they had access to the same type of equipment, ie, the United States supplying it, they would have a field day gunning down everyone they can, just like Israel. And to say that Israel has an actual target doesn’t explain why they kill so many more children then Hamas.
    I do like the point about how this is similar to the situation there and shows how hard it is for a solution to be found. For a group of people that are unlikely to actually be affected either way to have this much trouble agreeing on almost anything shows how hard it is for the people there to agree.

  70. sam Says:

    The Israeli’s, as the world knows seriously “outgun” their opposition. Frankly, it’s amazing the whole situaiton hasn’t completely blown up. I know that sound dispassionate and it probably is. I just don’t see much of a difference to the violence committed by each side. This feud has been going on for a long time and everyone seems to have an answer yet the same problems waxes and wanes on an on. It is sad to see.

  71. Corrections to "Just Wow" Says:

    Wow wrote: “Nasser was elected by a 99.9% majority…. Maybe you should do your homework before looking like an idiot on the internet.” Wow–what a classy gent!

    Had Wow done his homework, or scratched his head to think for “Just” a moment, he might have been hit in the face with an amazing thought: What does garnering 99.9% of a vote say about the underlying democratic process? Who are the figures in history that brought in polling numbers like that? Let’s see: Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Lenin. Starting to see the picture? You don’t get 99.9% of the vote in a free election. To get 99.9% of the vote, you have to kill off the other candidates and post goons at the ballot stations.

    The 99.9% victory margin proves my point, and the point of Time Magazine and every other non-hysterical fringe historian: Nasser was the dictator of Egypt.

  72. sam Says:

    I’m not sure how you can single out the United States for supplying weapons to a country. You’d be hard pressed to find a country of any size that isn’t involved in the weapons trade. You don’t think that the guns used by the Taliban are made in Pakistan do you?

    We aren’t a perfect country, we may not even be a great country anymore (although I still believe we are) but I believe that we are a country that has done far more for this world than most in the last 100 years and still do despite what the world wants to think. It’s very in to hate the US now.

  73. Hussien Says:

    Jordan is made of Jordanians and welcomed the other Arabs and do support the highest number of refugees who were expelled from their homeland in Palestine in Iraq in Lebanon but they are refugees.

  74. sam Says:

    Peaceful, are you an american citizen?

  75. Peaceful Says:

    Sam, the world is what you make of it, it isn’t some fortune cookie that dictates what is going to happen tomorrow, so we shouldn’t accept a violent world. And yes I did experience this violent world as a victim for over 15 years, I am talking from experience, believe me, peace is the only way.

    No I am not, I am Lebanese. Are you a US citizen?

  76. Comment to Sam Says:

    Sam, so much of what you said is factually and emotionally right. Israel does have the technological edge on her enemies (though she’s severely outnumbered and geographically outsized). And, for sure, the long-lasting conflict has been so disastrous for both sides. It really is tragic. We continue to hear the same lines from both sides.

    Yet, there really is a difference. One side really does keep breaking it’s word on ceasefires first. One side really did concoct from thin air, just in the last centure, an entire fictional national history narrative in order to undercut the true owners claim against the disputed land. One side really did accept peace plans like the 1948 UN partition plan that would have created a Palestinian state, or the 2000 Camp David agreement that would have created a Palestinian state. As an intellectual, isn’t it incumbent on you not to simply shrug your shoulders in disgust and blame ’em all equally? Shouldn’t you instead investigate the facts, and allocate blame on a merit basis?

  77. Hussien Says:

    Sam the US is not that much popular unlike its people who drafted the declaration of independence which stand as a witness to the bright side of the humane race, its admired and loved by all.
    Its the policies of the administration that we don’t like

  78. Peaceful Says:

    Sam, people don’t hate the US. In fact, everyone admires it. They just hate certain foreign policies and actions. If a new administration *really* and I mean really puts all its weight towards peace (and not peace talks) in the middle-east, they will hailed as heroes.

  79. sam Says:

    I am. Born and Raised and Proud. I apologize then as you have more experience than I. You definitely don’t have to pursuade me that peace is the answer. I just can’t buy into the idea that the conflict is one sided (in either direction). I constantly hear reasons and excuses for the conflict thrown around but at the end of the day I think it boils down to a bad habit on both sides. Blame the Americans, Blame the Jews, Blame Hamas at the end of the day you are right but neither side is taking a very close look at their fortune cookie.

  80. Corrections to "Peacefull" Says:

    Peaceful, I hadn’t realized you were from Lebanon. Have you read Joseph Farah? He was one of your countrymen, and he immigrated to the US. He currently puts out an amazingly insightful Internet news agency. Here’s a snipet of his work: You should check it out.

  81. Hussien Says:

    Ok after 1948 what happened , now you claims that there is no right of the Palestinians over their land and that they belong to some other 22 Arab countries! are talking from your mind or is it cut and past.

  82. sam Says:

    I am interested in hearing a different perspective on what the world would like to see from the US. How much influence to you think the US has at the end of the day? The US didn’t start this conflict (we may not have helped it as of late) but we certainly won’t end it ourselves.

    The problem in the US now isn’t an “administrations” problem. It is a problem with politics as a whole in our country. If we are guilty of anything we are guilty of the fingerpointing that is so popular in the world today. We’ve become so divided within our own country it is sad and it is not solely the cause of a single “administration”.

  83. Just Wow Says:

    Thanks for the education in past policies, however, you cannot deny that the present state of Israel was created out of a UN mandate because they felt bad.

    As far as the 99.9% vote goes, while it may be evidence of a lack of democracy, remember, George Washington was elected in an unanimous election, does that mean he engaged in vote tampering and was a dictator?

    Israel also broke their word, they kept a blockade going on all points of entry, that doesn’t exactly seem to follow the spirit of a cease fire… They are redeeming themselves slightly by allowing shipments of medical supplies in since the hospitals were completely out before having to treat large numbers of civilian casualties from the air raids. Hamas began firing the rockets because they didn’t feel that Israel was committed to working to make a Palestinian state, partially because Israel has said that they don’t recognize Hamas as a valid government despite a clear indication in the latest election that the Palestinian people do. Hamas only remains in power as long as the people support them, and apparently the people also believe that they should be fighting back, for whatever reason…

  84. Peaceful Says:

    Corrections: You can’t be serious…. : I just read an excerpt from the article…

    I quote…
    “But, to top it all off, I seem to be the only observer asking pointed questions about the Arab-Israeli conflict: If conditions for Arabs are so bad in Israel, why is the Arab population exploding — and I don’t mean because of suicide bombers? Why do Arabs continue to flock to the tiny Jewish state from virtually every Arab and Muslim land in the world? ”

    “This is hardly attributable to higher birth rates. Most of the growth in Arab population is due to migration. In other words, Arabs are picking up stakes in Arab lands and choosing to live in Israel. ”

  85. Hussien Says:

    Sam : Dig and explore facts before you deploy troops anywhere.
    Dont start war because someone says there is WMD and later on it proves you were wrong.
    Mediate peace between the children of Abraham without ignoring the UN legality.
    Press for a two state solution at the expense of both people.
    Dont let Israel embarrass its friends with blockade and walls and support when they are wrong.
    Take your troops from Iraq and leave us alone, we been there and we will stay there and we will do without your occupying forces.
    Go out of Afghanistan and you have no business Mula Omar or Karazai rule.

  86. Jim in Florida Says:

    CNN runs a headline “World rallies around Palestinians amid Gaza offensive”

    What utter nonsense. A few thousand of the usual anti-Israel protesters show up at embassies and somehow the “world” is rallying around the Palestinians.

    I’ll tell you what – a great portion of the civilized world isn’t rallying around a group that claims to lead its people (Hamas) when all Hamas amlunts to is a band of thugs.

    They choose to play.
    Now Hamas will pay.

  87. Peaceful Says:

    Jim. I wonder why CNN would run such a story. CNN is very pro-Israeli. What are you thoughts on that?

  88. Peaceful Says:

    Sam: It is clear that every administration has sided with Israel and that’s their choice. I would have to say that the President Carter period was the US’s finest hour in many memorable moments, foreign and domestic.

    What does the world expect from the US? Nothing. Exactly that, meaning, no interference. Policing the world is wrong, because it enforces certain policies that are foreign to the foreign land and imposes biased rules of laws.

    It is also very costly in human life (US soldiers) and dollar amount (taxes).

  89. Hussien Says:

    Oh last thing sam,
    free yourself from the Israeli lobby who will bring you to your knees and make you bankrupted in no time.

  90. Peaceful Says:

    Goodnight everyone and peace 🙂

  91. Hussien Says:

    “The Next Step In Gaza
    If Israel wants to defeat Hamas and end these rocket attacks once and for all they will have to work with Hamas, as hard as that is for them to swallow, not all medicine is sweet”.

  92. David Says:

    Where’s the logic. The bully(Hamas) shoots rockets but cries when they get hit back. What did they expect, Israel to just sit there. If its a war get your Women and Children out and fight. Stop complaining when Hamas militants are using citizens as shields.

  93. Corrections to "Just Wow" Says:

    Here’s more education for you:

    You wrote “Hamas began firing the rockets because they didn’t feel that Israel was committed to working to make a Palestinian state”. As if murder and mayhem is a reasonable means of expressing inner doubts.

    Anyway, Hamas offers an entirely different explanation for murderous acts of terror in its organizational charter: “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad” (see the full charter text at


    You wrote “the present state of Israel was created out of a UN mandate because they felt bad”.

    Decent human beings round the world were horrified at the glaring testimony the Holocaust offered for the consequence of continued deprivation of the Jewish people of their inherent right to sovereignty in their historic homeland. If you were a decent person, you too would “feel bad” that a third of world Jewry–men, women and children who were all entirely non-violent and innocent of any crime other than being Jews–was slaughtered by Nazi SOB’s whose salute, march, methods and aims are re-enacted to the best of their ability by Hamas and Fatah (led by a creepy man who travels under a “nom-de-guerre” and eerily denies the Holocaust ever happened). Righteous sympathy following the Holocaust likely played a role in driving the international community to finally redress the festering crime of the unconscionable Arab expulsion of Jews from Judea. The important fact not in dispute was that international re-recognition of Israel was proper and just, but was never a pre-requisite for the re-establishment. Israel had been re-populated by democratically organized Jews under openly miraculous divine protection even prior to the UN vote.


    You wrote: “As far as the 99.9% vote goes, while it may be evidence of a lack of democracy, remember, George Washington was elected in an unanimous election, does that mean he engaged in vote tampering and was a dictator?”

    What a hollow, shallow, feeble commentary! Permit me now to stick a pin in that silly little balloon you’ve floated. Every serious historian agrees that Nasser, Stalin, Castro and the rest of the Soviet (Russian, block, and satellite) leadership routinely won 99.9% of their “democratic” contests, and that they were all absolute dictators. But here’s the rub: not a single serious historian argues George Washington, who existed at a unique moment as a unique persona, was a dictator. GW also refused (I repeat, he refused) a second term when he was pushed to continue his service. Nasser, like the other Soviet thugs, happily, even brutally, enjoyed his “president for life” arrangement. Why do you make such silly, baseless arguments?

  94. Marcus Says:

    Well done Israel!

    Just like every other country in the world, Israel has the right to defend herself from attack. The thing that I love the most about Israel is that they are one of the smallest countries in the world, yet when any other country or terrorist group picks on them, Israel retaliates in full force and kicks their @ss!!! The Arab world should never forget the six day war!!!

  95. Limor Says:

    Interesting to see how all these demonstrators couldn’t care less about Palestinians. Where are you when Hamas and former Palestinian “leaders” rob “their people”? Have you ever visited Gaza? have you lived their? do you know how people are silenced not to tell their true story? They are deprived from everything in the name of retaliation and “wiping out” Israel. Instead of taking responseability and care of Palestinians you prefer to live in the west and leave the dirty job for Israel. No guts to do the right thing.

  96. Nerd with Family in Israel Says:

    Sigh. I hate how people start these arguements which piss me off so much. Why? Because of the stupid remarks people sometimes say. I sound calm, but, I am raging. Hamas is allowed to shoot rockets into Israel and Israel isn’t allowed to do anything to protect itself? Give me a break. Israel is a nazi country? Heard that before, lame and old arguement, and extremely offensive. If you truly believe that, use that same reasoning in your fanances and also get a Darwin award. Now for a history lesson for everyone, even the proisraeli people here: The country of Jordan, or Transjordan, was created from a chunk of the Palestinian Mandate by the Europeans after WWI. During WWI, the British had made the Balfour Proclamation supporting the creation of a state of Israel. Rescinded the agreement when it became inconvenient. When the UN and Britain (British just left mostly, and even arranged for most of their forts and arms to be given to the Arabs against the Jews, a British officer even commanded the Arab Legion and there were air battles of Israeli pilots against british during the war for independence) finally decided to give the people in the Mandate their own country, the UN voted for creation of two states. The Arab states voted against this, for a variety of reason, depending on the country (Syria for instance said that the mandate belonged to them as territory). Before the counry of Israel even declared their independence, arab mercenaries and conscripts were raiding kibutzes and killing people. this mercenary army had been formed by a good friend of Adolf Hitler’s, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the defacto leader of the arabs in Palestine (he killed off all his competition, there might have been peace actually if someone else had become the leader of the arabs in Palestine). He was a convicted war criminal who had a reputation for treachery, (Recruited Muslims to be part of the SS). He was convicted, but never arrested (or he was, but released by the British, I know the British had something to do with him never being punished though because they thought they could use them, but ended up unable to because he was too untrustworthy). Even today, this Arab nazi war criminal, who loudly proclaimed that “Shedding Jewish blood brings joy to Allah” is hailed as a hero by many brainwashed muslims today (not all muslims, I’m not anti muslim, I actually have 3 friends who are muslim.) He also kept many of his own people in the dark ages, keeping the people who lived on his own land from having clean water and a good education, because that would mean he could not control them then. So before Israel was even reality, he attempted to abort the “fetus” of Israel by terrorizing the region, even his own people. I am done for now, but more to come, I’m not done venting.

  97. Nerd with Family in Israel Says:

    to “Corrections to Just Wow”
    Your partly mistaken. Nasser actually tried to resign at one point, he felt he was a failure because of the 6 Day War, but his people basically demanded him to stay in power. Nasser was unique. He was an enemy of Israel normally, but in many ways he was progressive as well. Otherwise though your right, using Nasser as part of your example was your only error, but as I said, Nasser is an anomaly. he started out bad, but in many ways he was good rofl. Even though he was an enemy of Israel. However, as I said, for the most part your right, because there are mostly only one party systems in the middle east, or monarchy, with some of the worst reputations when it comes to freedom of expression in the arab countries. Israel is the most democratic. I once was mistaken into believing Iran was democratic also, because they elected their leaders, but the real power lies with the mullahs who get to approve who becomes president. They make most of the rules, Amajena-whatever is almost a vocal piece for the mullahs, although he probably is more independent than most of his predecessors. Still a jerk though.

  98. Nerd with Family in Israel Says:

    i mean most democratic in the ME, not in general sorry.

  99. Jeff Says:

    Israel should destroy Hamas Group (the coward and the terrorist), but the Israel should let the civilians specially the woman and children cross the border so that will not be hurt or killed. I was surprise to see and hear a lot of hypocrites in the street shouting to stop this war? I ask the so called rallies or pro Arab (hypocrites) where we’re you when this people (the Arab Terrorist) hijack a plane and killed the innocent passenger, where we’re you when they beheaded a civilian in internet, Where we’re you when they committed a suicide bomb in Madrid Spain, in London, the tragic 9/11 in US, this people are cheering and praising in their street after it happen, and the most recent the Mumbai attacked, where we’re you?…oh maybe you’re sleeping when that happen. You don’t know the culture and mind of this people, their blind in justice, try to work in their country I’ll bet you can’t stay their for a month, you only see Dubai in the picture, go to Saudi, you’ll see, man and woman being rape without justice, did you rally for the victim of those crime? Or maybe you just want to be seen in the TV news, those rallies should look around remember the face of each people around them specially the Arab around them who knows they might see them again in the news who commit a suicide bomb in their country. Wait till Iran develop their nuclear bomb and detonate it your country, I want to see if you can still rally for them or hug them or cry with them…. I pray it doesn’t happen…..

  100. Amazing... Says:

    Hamas is a terrorist organization that uses innocent civilians as shields in its effort to eliminate Israel from the earth. Israel is treating Hamas the right way – using the only language Hamas understands. It’s unfortunate and sad that the innocent civilians are loosing their lives in the process. But then, these innocent civilians elected Hamas as their leader and could not do a thing to stop the rocket attacks on Israel for a long time despite several warnings from Israel to stop that senseless act. So, in a way, these civilians are party to the terrorist acts done by Hamas. The Palestinians in Gaza are paying the price for selecting a terror organization like Hamas over other moderate Palestinian parties.

    Israel should be credited for keeping the civilian casualties at a possible minimum despite the fact that the terrorists are using the densely populated areas to launch rocket attacks.

    As far as the hypocracy of the Arab/Muslim world is concerned, it is well known and defies all logic. According to them, it is okay if an Arab/Muslim suicide bomber kills innocent civilians (including their own people) because the killed ones will be entitled to 72 heavens!!!… But if the same civilians are killed as a result of being used by terrorists as shields, they will start crying foul. Sickening!

    The same applies to the protesters in UK, other EU nations and USA.

  101. Antievil Says:


    Hamas are freedom fighters.
    Just like ANC which US just recently decided where to not be defined as “terrorists”.
    How funny!

    You all celebrate DEATH of the “subaltered”.
    While ISRAEL is murdering.
    Knowledge carries responsibility.
    Yours are one of shame and breths “1939”.

    What´s the SIMILARITY btw FALLUJA and GAZA?

    Shame does not attach upon you.
    But shame will always be connected with you.

    : a

  102. Eric Gangbar Says:

    World protests against Israeli action in Gaza? I see a few hundred, perhaps a thousand protestors at the Israeli embassy, most of whom are Arabs. I don’t see many rank and file citizens of these countries protesting. Why create a story when there really is none. I think most of the world understands and sympathizes with Israel’s attempts to defend itself. In any war, although it is certainly unfortunate, civilians get killed. This is particularly true when cynical goups such as Hamas plant their rockets etc in the middle of civilian areas.

  103. Don't be a nerd Says:

    You’re partially right about Nasser. He did make a show of resigning. It was a not genuine; a political stunt. No one in Egypt had the clout or power to force him to stay; he wielded all of the nation’s power, personally. And so it was, by his own choice and nobody else’s, that he remained in power as “president for life”. He was a horrible person and a brutal dictator in the plainest sense: he brooked no dissent and murdered and imprisoned many in his pursuit of job #1–holding onto power. He was also a poster child for violent anti-Semitism. May he rot in hell.

  104. Nerd with Family in Israel Says:

    Nasser was not a poster child of anti-semitism. There was at times some secret negotiations between him and the Israelis. However, he went overboard with a machiavelian policy, the Israelis were the enemies of all Arabs was the common belief, so for political expediency he followed that idea as well. and he probably was an anti-semite, but remember lol, we are talking about these muslim countries, and with the standard the hypocrites apply to the arabs, his government exceeded that standard by leaps and bounds lol. I did not mean to be apologetic for Nasser, he was an a$$, I just didn’t want a fellow proisraeli making a faulty comparison that someone would use against them, so I sort of played devils advocate. Of all the Arab nations at that time, and until recently, Nasser’s government was the most democratic country to attack Israel, which isn’t saying much. The only problem I had really with the comparison earlier, was that Nasser was compared to Stalin. I am quite certain that Nasser wasn’t like Stalin. Nasser died quite soon after the second time he took power, after that resignation. If you look at him around that period of time, you can tell he was depressed. Anyway, new subject. More history lessons. I am sad to say, that the USA did not materialy support Israel significantly until after the 1973 War. A lot of people seem to have this misconception that Israel has always relied on the US for protection, this is so wrong. As a matter of fact, until after the 6 Day war, the Pentagon was blatantly pro-arab in its policies. The reason being that the US military brass could not believe that Israel would be able to survive its situation (Surrounded by hostile countries, out manned and out gunned by a factor of more than 10) and did not want to make the arabs angry because they needed influence against USSR, who also tried to influence the arab countries. So the premise that the Israelis survived only because of the US is false. Even during the 1973 war, when the US did an airlift to israel, experts agree that though the airlift certainly helped, it was not the reason Israel ended up about 20 miles from Damascus and 50 miles from Cairo once the cease fire ended the Israeli counter attack (more like a full out counteroffensive considering their gains. And the arabs still think that they won that war lol. Egypt did get the Sinai peninsula back though in the peace negotiations. Maybe thats the arab rationale: If your enemy beats you to the point where they threaten even your capital, but make peace with them and return their legitimate territorial claims once peace is made, the preceding war is a victory then. In a way, this is true though, because Egypt did gain something out of the war.) The whole entire egyptian army was surrounded as well. If it weren’t for pressure from the US and USSR (the USSR actually scrambled nuke carrying bombers with the intention of bombing Israel if it did not stop, the US pressure was to keep a nuclear war from breaking out. And people say the US is controlled by the Israeli interest groups?) Israel might have entered Damascus and Cairo. That would make a mess! Jordan had the common sense not to participate in this war, so they did not recieve the whuppin’ as well, they had gotten enough in the 6 Day war lol.

  105. Setting straight the nerd Says:

    In your last post, you acknowledged playing “devil’s advocate”. That appellation grossly understated your deviation from the truth.

    You wrote “Nasser was not a poster child of anti-semitism”. But in 1956 the Nasser regime proclaimed “all Jews are Zionists and enemies of the state”. Thereafter, Nasser’s government instituted the following policies against Egyptian Jews on the basis of their religion: confiscated their property, imprisoned them en masse, and tortured them. Under Nasser’s policies, Egypt become so toxic for Jews, such a hostile environment, that he never needed to make good on his threats to expel Egypt’s Jewish community–they ran away. In 1956 and 1967, because Israel is the Jewish state, Nasser instigated Pan-Arab wars to eliminate Israel from the map.

    And you wrote “Nasser was not a poster child of anti-semitism.” Sheesh!

    Your argument that Nasser was forced to reign as president-for-life by unanimously adoring Egyptians who just liked being tyrannically suppressed by the guy is a similarly profound example of the malformed product an atrophied mind is capable of rendering.

    I noticed you write “lol” a lot. Are you in Lol-lol Land?


  106. Nerd with Family in Israel Says:

    Look, I did not mean to appear to be an apologetic for Nasser. I am a zionist myself, been to Israel, I have a couple of friends who are Israeli soldiers, and I get extremely pissed off when I see the double standard that most of the world applies to Israel at work (pissed off enough that I start saying very vicious things in confidence with my friends and family, who have to calm me down before I go out in public or risk me cussing outloud. It also causes me to get stressed.) I just did not like the comparison of Nasser to Stalin. Also, I was unaware of some of the information you mentioned. I am can change my mind on things when presented with a logical arguement that makes sense and I don’t have anything to refute it. I will agree with your oppinion that Nasser was a dictator, tyrant, and anti-semite (actually, I never really believed he wasn’t an anti-semite, just hadn’t thought of him as being that vehement. What I had read lead me to think of him being more moderate than al-Husseini, but what you said makes him sound about as bad, and as I said, your arguement has made me change my mind. However, I deeply resent your phrase “a similarly profound example of the malformed product an atrophied mind is capable of rendering.” I would appreciate it if you apologized for that remark, because if there is one thing that I am able to take pride in, its my intelligence. I don’t have much else going for me other than being in reasonable health.

  107. Nerd with Family in Israel Says:

    Oh, and the reason I don’t like the comparison with Stalin is simply because Stalin had many differences, that in the real scheme of things don’t mean much except for being details. They were both dictators. I was just being OCD and nitpicking over details and apologize if my OCD exhibits itself sometimes in my posts.

  108. Apologies to a cool person Says:

    You’re not a nerd, and should not sign off with such a self-deprecating handle or discuss your OCD, especially when you’re posting truthful facts online where such a handle might embolden aggressive detractors of the truth. We should never create or contribute to the creation of an environment where it’s cool to rip on Israel by means of inventing the facts (or selectively ignoring them), or that it’s uncool to stick up for the tiny Jewish state by reviewing the record in a comprehensive and honest manner. Truth is cool, not nerdy, and the message that nerdiness is part of the world of intellectual and ethical weakness and falsity is important to convey on the Internet.

    Please accept my apology for any personal hurt caused by my previous comment, which as I re-read was too pointed.

    I’m glad that you have your health; may it continue unabated for 120.

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