Crazy like a FOX.


White House Communications Director Anita Dunn recently came forward to reveal the patently obvious, that FOX news channel was in effect the propaganda arm of the Republican party and their cynical puppet masters, working tirelessly to whip up primitive patriotism,  support for destructive religiosity, and paranoid post-McCarthy Marxiphobia.

While  the tone she used was  professionally tailored for public consumption, her statement was blind to a central fact in the manipulation of public thought for oligopolistic benefit:  It does not matter whether something is true or holds up against rational scrutiny, the repetition of propaganda will always create an army of believers; relatively poor people ranting in the streets about socialism like abused dogs vigorously protecting their masters. Alas Czar Anita Dunn,  isn’t that what the Fascio-liberal  Marxist propaganda minister would say about the shining beacon of truth and objectivity?

The deep truth is that while we in the liberal elite scoff at sideshow that is FOX news, we must realize that with each passing day, their ratings continue to grow, and so does their power to influence popular thought. What we are dealing with is a viewership that is deeply hostile to facts, one that has to some extent been engineered and encouraged to be as such.  These are the people who applaud when Bill O’Reilly( moving his head around like a schoolyard bully) tells Richard Dawkins that he is “sticking to his Judeo-Christian god because YOU GUYS,[ collectively scientists]  can’t tell me how all this got here. ”

As if  succumbing to anesthetic platitudes on the machinery of the universe were a virtue. As if fairy tales were better than the cautious pursuit of  facts and the suspension of judgment.Somebody get Orwell on the phone we have a problem.  While the myth makers at Fox have been  whipping up anti-socialist fervor and protecting Jesus Christ from liberals who want to heal the sick ,  income taxes  are being used to ensure the profitability of privately owned corporations. Insurance companies are vying for fixed government contracts to insure  45 million, private military contractors comprise the majority of the U.S. military at the same time that habeus corpus, right to privacy and other fundamental Americanisms  are being systematically eliminated. If this is Marxism or Leninism, then Fox news is a shining beacon of journalistic independence. If there is any reek coming from Washington  these days it is the reek of conciliatory proto-fascism, that is to say that the stench of the fusion of  the interests of the private sector with that of the public interest have been misted with the cologne of pretended populist reform.

So one must ask themselves the most basic of critical questions: If FOX news is playing puppetmaster to the religious right, fanatical, scared, paranoid and just plain stupid, what are their objectives in doing so?  Are they simply providing a political product for pure profit , while at the same time keeping a Republican-oriented viewership on full-boil for the next election?  Do you fools in the Bible Belt think Rupert Murdoch actually cares about “preserving the sanctity of marriage, christmas, etc..?”  Do you think  he sits around with his  25 year old trophy wife on christmas eve waiting eagerly to go worship with the cult that was formed around a 1st century semite after his death?  Elites care about the same things they have throughout all of history, which is preserving whichever myths, fairy-tales,  conflicts, and moral distortions keep the masses from fully understanding the extent of their exploitation. So we  who consider ourselves to be concerned with truth in society cannot just be reationaries to the  day-to-day antics of FOX news,  lest we dive headlong into the echochamber never to return.  We must realize that FOX news  is there to distract and distort, and if we want to get a close look at what the oligarchs are afraid of watch what they do, and not what they say.  What’s that I said?  I said you don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows. Over and Out.


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One Comment on “Crazy like a FOX.”

  1. professorsteve0 Says:

    Rupert Murdoch is a business man first and a conservative second. He runs FOX News cause he makes money off of it. If they’re were more money to be made by supporting the left, he would do it.

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