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Upcoming Events

November 16, 2009

Queens County Young Democrats will be having their November meeting tomorrow the 16th at Mezzo Mezzo in Astoria.  There will be light refreshments served and we’ll be recapping the elections, talking about healthcare reform and more!  If you come please bring a canned good to go to a local food pantry for the holiday season.  If you’re interested in going please contact me (via Facebook) and I’ll make sure you get there.  Mezzo Mezzo is at  31-29 Ditmars Blvd and the meeting starts at 7pm.

Our Grant’s Tomb visit is scheduled for this Saturday, stay tuned for more details in the next few days.


McCain “Gets ‘er Done”

September 28, 2008

A fellow Democrat remarked today that ” In choosing not to be political, John McCain is being political.”  He was referring of course, to his (or should I say his advisor’s) decision to suspend his campaign, and postpone his appearance at the Presidential Debate slated for this Friday night in Mississippi so as  to appear presidential and decisive in a time of economic crisis.  And that colleague was right, this piece of  grand melodrama was all about polishing the tarnished Republican image from a party of  amoral opportunists  whose cronyism and incompetence brought us the infamous Michael Brown of FEMA, to one of brave leaders with the wisdom to know when to stay above the fray. The irony is, that by capitalizing on the bi-partisan meeting between Obama, McCain, and Bush II with exaggerated cancelations of attack ads, the Republican Hero Machine is sounding a loud opportunistic toot.  But unfortunately these are the kind of antics that people prone to Republicanitis devour with relish.  McCain is seen by those with this unfortunately common disease to be a “no-nosense guy who rolls up his sleeves and gets to work unlike those those hoighty-toighty Liberals who want to talk about everything, with logic.”  So, while we Democrats make light of stunts pulled by the opposition, we fail to see the evil brilliance of the Republican strategy; appeal to blue-collar “get ‘er done” values while  lining their pockets with campaign contributions from people who  have made life for the meat-and-potatoes American as difficult as it is today. And, as an added benefit, John McCain can avoid having his ass handed to him by a guy who used to edit the Harvard Review–a guy who probably knows a thing or two about winning a debate based on logic. I’m looking forward to the counterpunch from the good guys, here we go.

First General Body Meeting

September 5, 2008

Hello fellow Democrats! The much anticipated first general body meeting will be scheduled for September 11th, 2008. This year is a better time than ever to come join our team. Democrats, Independents, and yes even some Republicans are getting sick and tired of the same old politics and the same old government. Come be a part of the most important moment of our generation. We have a packed schedule for our first meeting so come on down, bring a friend, and have some fun.


We are honored to have Councilman and State Senate Candidate James Gennaro speaking to open the first meeting, and he’ll have pizza with him. We look foward to seeing you there!

Summer 2008 Internship

June 19, 2008

In the interest of sharing information and new opportunites, below is listed a job description that I received for an unpaid Summer 2008 Internship with Queens NYC Council Member James F. Gennaro.  Any further inquires, please contact his office directly.


Part-Time Community Liaison /Caseworker

Queens NYC Council Member James F. Gennaro

A prominent Queens based New York City Council Member seeks an energetic individual to serve as an Intern Community Liaison/Caseworker for his Queens NYC Council District Office.  This is a flexible, part-time position for a hardworking college student who wants to get a first hand look at the inner workings of local government and politics.

The ideal candidate:

  • Lives in Queens
  • Is a hardworking, self-starter who can commit a few regular hours every week.
  • Has a deep desire to address local issues and make a difference in the community.
  • Is extremely energetic and sociable, and has the ability to organize a base with members of various communities.
  • Candidate must have strong communication/writing skills; must be computer literate and must have the ability to multi-task.

Excellent Writing Skills

Excellent Interpersonal and Public Speaking Skills

Driver’s License and Car is helpful.

Must have experience with diverse populations

Knowledge of City Government, Community Boards is a plus

Bi-lingual a plus

Responsibilities include effective outreach, technical assistance, monitoring of local issues, and participation in public events.

Duties will include: attending community events and meetings both with the Council Member and on his behalf, serve as the contact to resolve constituent issues with government agencies and private entities, daily general office duties (answering phones, letter writing, clerical), and other duties as deemed necessary.

For more information contact:

Mrs. Leah Carter            

718-217-4969 (phone)

718-217-4968 (fax)

Better Know a Member

June 3, 2008

Yes, it’s time once again for another installment of Better Know a Members, today we have Nick Roloson the Vice President of the College Democrats

CP: Thanks for sitting down with me
NR: I’m starting to regret this decision

CP: You’re the vice president; John Adams said the position of Vice President is the most meaningless position ever created by man, would you agree?
NR: I will not
CP: Why?
NR: Well by definition the Vice President is supposed to take the position of the president incase he can not fulfill them, so the VP is ready.
CP: Isn’t that a fancy way of saying, you’re just waiting until he dies?
NR: I don’t think so
CP: Are you waiting for Edgar to die?
NR: No but if he does I’m ready to take office

CP: Now as vice president do you want to be more like Al Gore or Dick Cheney?
NR: I’ll say Al Gore
CP: So you want to gain 50 pounds?
NR: IF being more like Al Gore than Cheney entails 50 pounds then I’ll take the sacrifice

CP: Why do you care about politics?
NR: Oh my god, you’re asking me a serious question
CP: They’re all serious questions
NR: Politics is important because it governs every aspect of your life from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, from every person you know to every person you don’t know
CP: Is that why you joined the College Democrats?
NR: I joined College Dems because I wanted to make a difference, in my community, in this community and in the world community

CP: The world community, do the College dems have that much influence?
NR: Directly no, but the connections in the experience you get helps you 15,20,30 years down the road

CP: what’s the number one issue facing the college democrats?
NR: Support

CP: What do the college democrats do besides take road trips to Ithaca, throw drunken parties, and run amok on campus annoying your angry dean?
NR: Well, we service a community
CP: Isn’t that illegal?
NR: We do community service events, lets say it like that. We help get local officials elected, we open up networking and job opportunities for our members, and we keep the respectful and intellectual political discourse on campus alive

CP: you’re a white male from an affluent suburb on Long Island, why aren’t you a republican?
NR: Because I reason

CP: Finish this sentence, I hate republicans because…
NR: Well I don’t HATE republicans, I simply disagree with them. I don’t believe in their core values

CP: If you could pass one law right now what would it be?
NR: We’ve passed so many laws giving power to the national government, any law I’d pass would simply be to repeal most of the laws and executive orders passed over the last seven years. Although, I’d like to pass through the Kyoto protocol.
CP: so you believe in global warming?
NR: I do
CP: Have you seen any glaciers disappear?
NR: no but maybe they’re already gone
CP: but maybe they’re all still there
NR: I guess you got me

CP: So why are you so adamant in your support of Ron Paul if you’re not a republican?
NR: To spare the details, there is a difference between neo conservative, and conservative. He is at heart a good person, he wants to eliminate poverty, he wants to help the middle class, he wants to make the US image in the world better, it’s like the democrats with the exception of domestic issues

CP: So you’re a conservative democrat?
NR: Depends on what your definition of conservative is
CP: I mean like Lieberman, are you Joe Lieberman?
NR: I would not consider myself to be Lieberman
CP: Is it because he’s Jewish?
NR: That is one reason why I’m not like him

CP: What do you think about the current situation between Barack and Hillary?
NR: I think it gets overplayed a lot, I think she’ll drop out by tomorrow, this has just built up a political machine for the democrats but this machine isn’t going to hurt us, it’s going to help us in November, but as I’ve said before if anyone can lose in November it’s the democrats.
CP: But don’t democrats rage against the machine?
NR: We don’t rage against it, we just like to change it
CP: So you’re like Neo from the Matrix?
NR: In what way?
CP: You can change the machine

CP: So what do you say to Hillary supporters?
NR: Don’t be discouraged, you fought the good fight, but at the end of the day we did win fair and square, Obama won fair and square. We have to come together as a party and we have to realize that McCain is just another 4 more years of Bush and whether you support Hillary or Obama we both have to realize that is not a good idea.

CP: Let’s get local, recently our governors have admitted to various crimes, please just say yes when I name a crime you have committed, prostitution …. smoking marijuana … cocaine use … smuggling illegal immigrants across the border … shot someone … nothing? Ok so what’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?
NR: I think I jay walked 20 minutes ago but that’s about it.

CP: College Republicans…douche bags?
NR: they are a long awaited asset to the school
CP: but why?
NR: because it allows for political discourse to arise instead of having one dominant party, I’m glad the College Dems pushed hard to allow the College Republicans to form
CP: So like Darth Vader, are you their father?
NR: we’re the motivational uncle
CP: Like Uncle Jesse
NR: except better looking
CP: You’re better looking than John Stamos?
NR: Collectively yes

CP: So what events are you looking forward to most next year?
NR: Everything is still on paper, but if we get everything done that we’re working on, either the get out the vote concert or the blue ball
CP: why not more than one? Why not have two blue balls?
NR: If the people want two blue balls, we’ll give them two blue balls
CP: Are you saying right now that you’ll personally see to it that everyone gets two blue balls?
NR: Yes!…wait a minute

CP: Do you plan on doing any events with the College Republicans?
NR: Voter registration drives, the concert, but nothing is in stone, we’ll also try for joint meetings
CP: if you think the College Dems and College Republicans will meet together, then the only joint you’ll have is one in your hand

CP: Brian Lestz was the president your freshman year, bad president or the worst president?
NR: Neither, he was a good president. Wait, wasn’t Shamil the president? Granted I never saw any of the president but he was still a good president
CP: So who is the worst?
NR: I’ve only seen one
CP: So he’s the best and the worst?
NR: Fair compromise
CP: Worst president ever, got it… thanks for sitting down with me

Better Know A Member

May 12, 2008

Today we have Anthony Grajales, current executive member of the 2008-2009 St. John’s University College Democrats. I sat down with Anthony… and here’s our interview*

(Also, to address some concerns: this is 100% real)

Chris Puntarelli: Hey, thanks for sitting down for an interview
Anthony Grajales: No problem, lets get it started

CP: What made you become a college democrat?
AG: Well I identify more with the democratic party, with the ideas that the party stands for. Not so much with the republican ideology. I also do want to get into politics.

CP: Someone once said politics is like Hollywood for ugly people, would you agree?
AG: Well maybe, but when I get into office I’ll be the sexiest man in office. Well I thought Regan was pretty good looking. Kennedy too, even Ted Kennedy when he was a bit younger.
CP: Anyone else who you think is attractive?
AG: Democrats or Republicans?
CP: You can go both ways
AG: Ok, well if I go both ways, Nancy Pelosi is pretty hot. Bill Frist, good looking man. Mitt Romney, wow, he is an attractive man.
CP: Moving right along…
AG: I’m sorry, go ahead

CP: You’re a member of the ROTC, why did you join?
AG: Well I’m very patriotic. If you find someone more patriotic than me, then you’re looking at a fanatic. This country has given so much to my family and to me so this is my way to give back. Some people have other ways to give back, this is mine. I was going to enlist with the Army before ROTC offered me a scholarship so that is not the reason I did it.

CP: What is it like being a democrat in the military?
AG: I get a lot of crap for it, a lot of crap. I hope you can phrase that more eloquently.
CP: I can, but I wont.

CP: How do your peers view the current situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan?*
AG: *Well my peers in ROTC are pretty psyched about it. They see Afghanistan as necessary retribution, Iraq we had to clean up, and Iran is next. They said that we can be the generation that leads America into World War III into Iran and that scares me. They’re willing and want to go into Iran for World War III. I think that’s a little extreme.*
CP: Wow that’s something I wouldn’t have expected to hear.
AG: *That was my same reaction. Now I’m not one that believes we have to unilaterally handle all of our enemies. As president Kennedy said, we must never fear to negotiate, but never negotiate out of fear. If Iran says they’re using the uranium to advance their nation, then let the UN in and inspect it.*

AG: Is Ahmadinejad still the president?
CP: Yes he is.
AG: Well what people don’t know is that he really has no power to act on what he says. It’s all up to the Ayatollah, and I don’t think the Ayatollah wants any confrontations with the west.

CP: Well lets get back to the College Dems. What do you plan to do for the college democrats in this upcoming year?
AG: Well, I’m planning to raise 3,000 for the College Democrats for the upcoming semester. I want to set up a PAC and I want to make the College Democrats as independent as I can from St. John’s University. I want to work with the College Republicans but they don’t seem very organized.

CP: Finish this sentence…. I hate Republicans because
AG: Because they don’t share the same ideologies I have. They have ideas, but not ideologies. While we’re on it, can I address something else? Can the Republicans stop thinking Regan was god? I mean, seriously, just move on. We don’t idolize Kennedy, so I think it’s time that the republicans stopped focusing on the high horse of Ronald Regan, he was good, but he wasn’t that great. I mean I admire Regan, but not because of his policies. He had great auditory skills. Not to mention they’re having affairs with underage boys, while stealing peoples money.
CP: So you love Republican Idol Ronald Regan because he had great oral skills? Wow you’re making this interview really easy for me.

CP: If in your service for the United States Armed Forces you are asked to do something unconstiutional, such as performing torture on a prisoner, would you follow orders?
AG: Take this down. I Anthony Grajales swear to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. I will gladly give up any position of power if it means I can protect the constitution.

CP: Back to Indecision 2008, what do you think about Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain?
AG: Let’s start with McCain. Great war hero, I’ve read two of his autobiographies and the man is an American hero. However he’s not the man to lead the country right now, not because of his age either. Ronald Regan was a great president and he was slightly older.
CP: Obama?
AG: Let’s go Hillary first. Well I supported her 124% when this race started, I was following her career and she had the same ideas I stood for. However, you can’t argue with results, and Obama is winning. I think it’s time for a shift, and the country wants something new.
CP: That new is Obama?
AG: Well at first I did not like him at all. All the speeches and promises of change and hope were what every politician says. But I think it’s a time for shift as I said before. I’m not saying I’m supporting Obama, but if he is the nominee then I will support him.

CP: You’ll work closely with Edgar Papon, the president. Do you know him well?
AG: I know him.
CP: Do you look forward to working with him?
AG: Well I don’t have much of a social life, so whoever I can work with, I’m glad to just meet people.

CP: Brian Lestz was the president your freshman year, bad president or the the worst president?
AG: Uhhh, well Brian got stuff done. He approaches things different than I would and you have to respect someone who gets up in the morning and says I’m going to lead, because it’s their reputation on the line.
CP: I’ll take that as bad president.
AG: I didn’t say that
CP: So Shamil was the worst president?
AG: Well I wasn’t here when he was president.
CP: Fair enough. Brian it is.

CP: Do you think the college democrats have any influence?
AG: Any? Yes. Enough? No.

CP: What is the number one issue facing the college democrats?
AG: I feel as if we’re not out there enough. We need to work on our organization first, we need to come together. I feel as if we’re the elites, we need to focus more on our message and community service and helping people, then we can focus on the other stuff.
CP: What’s wrong with being an elitist?
AG: No there’s nothing wrong with it, I just see myself as following in the steps of John F Kennedy.
CP: So you’re saying your an elitist? Kennedy was an elitist.
AG: Well whats your definition of an elitist?
CP: Someone who is politically educated, holds some political power and can influence the elections. Oh and you love drinking lattes.
AG: Well, then according to your definition, I’m an elite, however…
CP: That’s all I needed to know. So what’s your favorite latte?
AG: I don’t even know what a latte is.
CP: Ah, your a macchiato man. Mr. Grajales, thanks for coming by.
AG: Uh, your welcome.

*Views expressed in the interview do not represent those of the United States Armed Forces, St. John’s University ROTC, or anyone in the Federal Government.


May 1, 2008

I call shenanigans!

Something smells in here, and I’m going to have to address it.

Ian Rivera of the Hillary Clinton campaign, we’ve been constantly hearing and reading your comments about Hillary Clinton and you throwing your support behind her. Now for anyone that knows you today, we all know you as a solid hardcore Hillary Clinton supporter.

However, is it not true that you yourself were an Obama man?

Surely someone who has come out so strongly against him, in favor of Clinton wouldn’t support the man.

Why is it then Ian, that on February 15th 2007, over a year ago you stated this:

Ian Rivera wrote
at 11:33pm on February 15th, 2007
woohoo…Go Obama

Now, this is in a group on Facebook called “St. Johns Students For Barack Obama”
Only two days later you go on to say:

“Hey…it happens…poeple want to deny the ability of a young, ambitious black male who has a vision for the future of this country because of his “lack of experience.” If only they could look past that and actually listen to his ideas – he is the only Democratic Senator that has actually forwarded a plan for leaving Iraq”

Mr. Rivera, you have attacked Obama for his plan on pulling troops out of Iraq, saying it’s too soon. Why is it then that last year you were so strongly supporting Senator Barack Obama when he was the only Democratic Senator in leaving Iraq?

It seems that this isn’t the only time that you have supported Senator Barack Obama.

In the May 2 issue of AM New York you are quoted as saying:

“”Yes, Obama is really resonating with the youth,” said Ian Rivera, 19, and a sophomore at St. John’s University. “I think they’ve fallen in love with the ideas he talks about”

you go on to talk about “…the real kind of change that youth want to see.” all in the same article.

Now Ian, how do you expect anyone to take you serious when we don’t know who you really support. You say you support Hillary, yet you publicly support Barack Obama almost a year ago. Where do you stand sir?

You talk about Clinton being able to reach the Hispanic voters. You said she did this in Texas, and Arizona and New Mexico.

However, on a blog titled “Informed Students: Blog the Vote”. A blog which was talking about Hispanic voters being as valuable to the democratic party as black voters.

On March 5th, 2007 on that blog you said:

“I disagree. As a whole, The black population votes overwhelmingly Democrat, while the Hispansics – many which are conservative Catholics- vote Republican. I feel that it is too early anyway, but in essence i disagree with this thought”

Now you are completely disenfranchising the Hispanic vote. Ian Rivera… where do you stand?

On the February 2, 2008 edition of the CNN newsroom you were quoted as saying

“I have strong feelings about, you know, my responsibility in terms of taking a direct effect in this election and the way the country’s going.”

Isn’t that something Barack Obama would say?

Do Hispanic voters matter or not?
Do you support Obama or Hillary?
Do you quote Obama often?