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Register for the College Democrats of New York Convention

March 28, 2010

Fellow College Democrats,

The College Democrats of New York will be having this year’s convention in Albany, April 9 to 11. You can find more information at: To register, please visit: $15 is the current fee for registration, but that will be raised to $20 on April 1st; so please make sure you register soon!

If you are a St. John’s student and need transportation to Albany, please send me an e-mail @ and I’ll be sure to find a way for you to get up there.


St. John’s University has a record-breaking Blood Drive

December 23, 2008
Chris Puntarelli of the College Democrats is among the first to donate blood.

Vice-President of the College Democrats Christian Puntarelli helps with the record breaking blood donations at St. John's in 2008.

According to a recent St. John’s University press release, this year was the most successful blood drive in the history of the university. 1,639 pints of blood were donated from across the Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Oakdale Campuses.

The blood drive was organized by St. John’s University led by the Vice President for Community Relations Joseph Sciame and Community Relations Associate Kevin Ryan, J.D. and cosponsored by a number of student organizations including the Physician’s Assistant Student Association, Muslim Students Association, Indian Students Association, Spanish Honor Society and the Lambda Phi Sorority.

This shows the high level of activism and engagement the students of St. John’s have expressed in 2008. From registering over 700 students to vote this year and making trips to local food shelters to feed the hungry, St. John’s has continued to lead in serving the community.

For more information:

St. John’s Alumni Assistance Program

December 23, 2008

(New York) – St. John’s University recently launched, without much fanfare, a new program aimed at helping its alumni. The program is aimed an any alumnus from the University who has been laid off in the last six months. The program will allow all alumni to attend graduate school at discounted rate of 50%.

This programed is aimed at alumni who are hurting during this economic recession and allowing them a chance to reevaluate their career path. The law school however is not included in the package. The program is set to debut in Spring 2009 and last through the fall after which it will be reevaluated. Once in the program, one will have two years of the discount rate.

University of Chicago To Allow Co-Ed Dorms

December 23, 2008
Several towers of the Main Quadrangle of the University of Chicago seen from the Midway Plaisance.

Several towers of the Main Quadrangle of the University of Chicago seen from the Midway Plaisance.

(New York) – The University of Chicago is joining the ranks of close to 30 other school around the United States which have adopted the measure. Previously the college had a same-sex policy much like St. John’s University where men and women were allowed to live on the same floor as each other, however not in the same room.

This new rule called “open-housing” will allow opposite sex roommates. The school sent a letter to parents last week informing them of the school’s decision. The school says it was a student-led initiative that isn’t aimed at romantic couples, however couples won’t be excluded.

The new policy does not require parental approval, and is not open to freshmen. When asked about the new policy one St. John’s student gave his view, “It sounds like a good idea, but what happens if the couples break up during the year?” he said.