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Register for the College Democrats of New York Convention

March 28, 2010

Fellow College Democrats,

The College Democrats of New York will be having this year’s convention in Albany, April 9 to 11. You can find more information at: To register, please visit: $15 is the current fee for registration, but that will be raised to $20 on April 1st; so please make sure you register soon!

If you are a St. John’s student and need transportation to Albany, please send me an e-mail @ and I’ll be sure to find a way for you to get up there.


The Caroline Kennedy Sarah Palin Comparison

December 21, 2008

(New York) The media has quickly picked up the story of Caroline Kennedy’s desire to become the next Senator from New York. With the appointment of Senator Hillary Clinton to be the next Secretary of State for President-Elect Obama’s administration Governor Patterson is set to appoint a replacement. Caroline Kennedy is the apparent front runner for that Senate seat.

There has been an outcry from all sides of the political spectrum regarding her lack of experience to do the job. There is a belief that she seems to be a front runner simply because of the Kennedy name. We have heard the same arguments used by the left against Sarah Palin now being used by the right against Caroline Kennedy. Let us make some proper comparisons.

Under the Constitution of the United States both candidates met qualification for their respective offices. Up against each other, Governor Palin has undoubtedly more political experience. There is the feeling that both of these women were appointed instead of elected. One could make the case that Governor Palin had done more to earn the job of Vice President than Caroline Kennedy had done to earn the job as Senator.

If one were to look at these factors then there should have undoubtedly been no questions regarding Sarah Palin’s qualifications for the job. We learn however that these are not the only factors, we are missing the most important one. (more…)

State Senator Elect Hiram Monserrate Arrested

December 19, 2008
Hiram Monserrate

Hiram Monserrate

(New York) Today State Senator Elect Hiram Monserrate, known for being in the “gang of four” Democratic State Senators who would not vote to name Democrat Malcom Smith Majority Leader, was in jail. He was arrested early Friday on charges of assault.

The person injured was his girlfriend Karla Giraldo, 30. She suffered lacerations near her left eye. Police sources say the injury was a result of a beer bottle.

Monserrate was a former NYPD officer himself and now finds himself on the other side of the badge being charged with felony assault. In an ironic turn of event while on the city council he procured $100,000 for a program to help women protect themselves from domestic violence.

His office could not be reached for comment.

Judge Rules for St. John’s Students

December 3, 2008

At yesterday’s hearing, in which 5 students from St. John’s University were subpoenaed by the Republican Party to validate their voter registration, Justice Kevin J. Kerrigan of State Supreme Court stated that the subpoenas were nothing more than a nuisance and ordered that they be dismissed. He told the students that they had no obligation to present any materials, and he asked them to leave the courtroom and return to their studies.

We applaud Justice Kerrigan’s ruling on this issue. This has been a distraction to students who were simply exercising their right to vote. These are not criminals who have illegally voted or violated election law; these are college students who took time to cast their ballots in a historic election.

Thankfully reason prevailed as the Republican Party shamefully attempted to intimidate first time voters. College students were unfairly targeted because Republicans saw them as an easy target. They attempted to take students to court for fulfilling their civic duty. The College Democrats Chapter at St. John’s University will always fight to keep anyone from being intimidated into silence.

9 Days away: Obama calls on volunteers to help

October 26, 2008

I can’t believe it’s almost over. At times it seems like the longest campaign ever, at times the shortest. Today in Colorado in front of an audience of 100,000 Barack Obama reminded us why we are here.

“The reason that all of us are here is because somewhere in the past we had a parent or a grandparent who said, you know I may never go to college, but I’m going to work hard. I’m going to save that little bit, maybe my child or my grandchild will go to college. I may not ever own my own business, I’m going to have to work in this dirty tough job but you know maybe if i work hard I can give my child a better future and maybe they’ll own their first business someday.

Maybe some of your parents or grandparents, they were born in another country without freedom of speech or freedom of worship but they said you know what, we know there’s this land across the ocean called America where it’s a land of opportunity and a land of freedom and we’re willing to take the risk to travel to that place to create a better future for our children and our grandchildren.

In this audience there are people who’s parents or grandparents couldn’t cast a vote but they said to themselves maybe my child or my grandchild, if we march, if we struggle maybe they will be able to run for the Untied States Senate maybe they might run for the presidency of the United States of America. That’s what this election is about, that’s why you’re here today.

And if you will organize with me, and march with me, and knock on doors with me and make phone calls with me for 9 more days then I promise you we will not just win Denver, we will win Colorado. We will win this election and you and I together, we’re going to change this country and change the world

Thank you everybody. God bless you, God bless the United States of America”

I personally urge all of you, reach out to your fellow Americans. Pick up the phone, dust off those walking shoes, even drive to another state. Rarely in your life will you get an opportunity to say you played a major part in changing the direction of the most powerful country in the world for the better.

Here below is how you can help.

Barack Obama for President
If you want to reach out and make phone calls click here.
If you want to drive to another state click here.
If you want to volunteer then click here.

If you want to help out locally and affect change you will see everyday, help out your local races for State Senate. We have some very urgent State Senate races here in Queens and Suffolk County to take out some long time Republican incumbents and turn the State blue for the first time in decades!

Take a moment out of your day, to make a change on the local level. Change starts with you. Let’s make sure Republicans not only know this is our country, but this is our state. Let’s take it back!

James Gennaro for State Senate

He’s a Democrat in North Eastern Queens looking to unseat 18 term Republican incumbent Frank Padavan. He’s done enormous work in protecting the environment and keeping this part of Queens from being overdeveloped. Frank is no friend of the College Democrats, and I will not hide the fact that getting him out of office would be a dream come true.

If you want to help out the efforts just call HQ at (347) 438-1420.
Tell them the College Dems sent you, you’ll be welcome with open arms.

Joe Addabbo for State Senate

Another Democrat looking to unseat 20 year incumbent Serphin Maltese. Joe Addabbo along with Jim Gennaro voted No on extending term limits without hearing the voice of the voters so both of these men have my respect and gratitude. Let’s make sure we elect honorable politicians like these into office.

If you want to help out Joe in South Western Queens call HQ at (718) 366-4057
Tell them St. John’s sent you!

Brian X. Foley for State Senate

What can I say about Brian that hasn’t been said about him before? He’s great! As Brookhaven Town Supervisor he’s made it the only Long Island town that wont see a Tax Increase. Brookhaven is no longer Crookhaven and he’s going up against a man who seems to have lost his bearings. This is another race close to the hearts of the College Democrats, Stony Brook University has been doing a hell of a job out there, but they’re overtaxed.

Help out Brian in Suffolk County call HQ at (631) 846-8503
Tell them St. John’s sent you!

Democratic NYS Senate coming soon to a district near you!

September 24, 2008

The most recent Siena Research Institute Poll was released today regarding the top five most contested races thus far for the NYS Senate. Below is a chart breaking down the percentages of each candidate.

The Republicans are currently enjoying a 30-31 majority in the NYS Senate (more…)

St. John’s University Candidate Forum

September 23, 2008
Congressman Weiner

Congressman Weiner

Last night, I along with a room full of students and community members were treated to a forum of local candidates. St. John’s University hosted candidates ranging from Republican candidate for State Senate Peter Koo to United States Representative Anthony D. Weiner who made a brief appearance to an adoring crowd before leaving for a flight down to D.C.

At the forum were Congressman Weiner, a representative from Congressman Meeks’ office (who is a St. John’s Alum) State Senator Frank Padavan, his opponent Councilman James Gennaro, State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, her opponent Peter Koo, Assemblyman Rory Lancman and Assemblyman Weprin.

The crowd at the forum

The crowd at the forum

The night began with an exchange between the representatives from the Obama campaign and the McCain campaign. The questions centered around how their respective candidates would change the way the country was run. From the crisis on Wall Street to the role of women and even as esoteric as the capital gains tax.

The panel brought up a question asking about jobs for graduating college students. Eventually Peter Koo was asked and he had a piece of advice to students, “if you are offered a job, take it.” He then started talking about small business and that became the quote of the night. Everyone started talking about their support for small business.

The focus then shifted to keeping kids in school and furthering their education. Senator Stavisky replied with something which I didn’t expect. “With all due respect, not everyone needs to go to college.” She cited her experience teaching at Thomas Edison Vocational High School. It seems she was saying that while she obviously wants students to go to college and further their studies, we do need the laborers of the future. Some may not see college as for them and we should not be critical of them, rather help them in their studies, either in training schools or programs of some nature.

A college republican on the panel posed a question to Peter Koo which drew an outburst from Assemblyman (more…)