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Another reason why not to be a Republican

April 3, 2010

Since the battle over healthcare is now over, it seems that Republicans have moved onto far more important legislation.  An internal conflict has arisen in the Republican party over Congressman Patrick T. McHenry’s (R-NC) bill to replace President Ulysses S. Grant with the late Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a tremendous amount of respect for President Reagan and some of the great things he did for many people around the world in his personal vendetta against communism. However, is now really the proper time for a fight over who should be on currency?

And the Tea Party says that Democrats aren’t “listening to the people.” …really?

Well, I think that your average American is more concerned about how health insurance for her kids than who should be on the $50 bill.

Too bad the Republican party doesn’t seem to understand that.


Respect for Rationality largely missing from US political mainstream

September 27, 2009

BehindTheScenesGlennBeck.flv Every night the eternal political soap opera machine whirs into action. Millions of Americans , filled with human hopes, and fears, and too often an acute disdain for rationality sit neutrally before their telescreens, waiting to be programmed. Enter Glenn Beck, enter Keith Olbermann, enter the era of postmodern journalism.

In a country farmhouse in rural Iowa, a man fearful of the sexualization of everyday life tunes into Bill O’Reily of Fox news, because his appeal to the moral climate of  small town christian culture is in keeping with his own. Satisfied and vindicated at hearing the “Hollywood left” chastised and villanized, he says a prayer for his family and his crops and his country at war and falls peacefully asleep.

In a Lower East Side flat, 20 minutes from the center of the media universe,  a hysterical laughter echoes through the cramped living room of a young NYU graduate student offended and demoralized by what he sees as an attack on rationality, freedom of expression, and truth. Keith Olbermann’s witty characterizations of Bill O’Reilly are to him a humorous transfusion of  rational blood into the toxic, hostile, irrational climate of American politics.

Somewhere in Georgia, an unemployed former machinist-turned militia member polishes his prized possession—a scoped M14 assault rifle passed to him through the generations. But this instrument of violence is not the only thing passed down to him from his predecessors. On a small, color television in the corner of his garage, the Aryan features of Glenn Beck maniacally oscillate from unmitigated rage to tears of defeat as the drama of American racism marches on.

A young man sits in Jamaica Queens, writing a blog for his college’s Democratic organization wondering how it is that his nation’s major source of information became an incessant middle school shouting match complete with name-calling, gossip, and intense clannishness.

It is clear that modern media had always been distorted, manipulated and influenced by economic and political elites for the purposes of social control, value impregnation, and economic gain. But the postmodern media is something even more sinister than the belated objectives of social engineering.

The main function of  modern US political media is to serve as a distraction from the realities of the political questions of our times. By turning the objective into the interpretive, fact into opinion, and distortions into topics for serious consideration we get a country where  millions of citizens seriously debate whether public health care could lead to death panels, or health insurance for illegal immigrants,  or socialized everything. This “debate”  over misinformation distracts people from serious critical questions  about American democracy and balancing the need for free-enterprise with answering the moral call to ease  human suffering.

Our irrational media has allowed irrationality into the mainstream, if only because irrational, faith-driven people are easier to herd than a questioning, skeptical populace. Why is it that in a country where 40% of the population identifies as Athiest or Agnostic that presidential candidates, if not all candidates are terrified to admit they do not “believe in God,”  which is a striking difference to most industrialized democracies with the exception of  Ireland and Italy. So who is speaking for us, the real outcasts of the American political mainstream?   Who will speak for us?

The Next Step In Gaza

December 29, 2008

Israel has launched an attack on Hamas in the Gaza strip. We all know the outcome, hundred of Hamas fighters hurt along with the “collateral damage” of innocent civilians.

Yes, only a handful of Israeli’s have died due to the rocket attacks and their response was the killing of hundreds. One has to realize however that Israel has to appear unbeatable in order to survive while surrounded by what it perceives to be as enemies.

What I don’t seem to understand is Israel’s plan here. Sure, they attack Hamas and set them back for a bit, but then what? There are close to one and a half million people in the Gaza strip, in order to completely put down Hamas, Israel will have to reoccupy the Gaza strip.

When they attempted to do this against Hezbollah they failed, miserably. They did not achieve a single objective for the first time in their military history. What they did do, is send people into the arms of Hezbollah, and the people saw Hezbollah as a legitimate organization. These attacks are doing nothing but acting as a recruitment tool for Hamas, and Hezbollah.

If Israel wants to defeat Hamas and end these rocket attacks once and for all they will have to work with Hamas, as hard as that is for them to swallow, not all medicine is sweet.

End this renewed campaign, do not send in ground forces, start opening up the ports and airspace to allow for the people of Gaza to realize that Israel is not their enemy. Israel says it is not the enemy of the people in press conferences. But to those Palestinians who have seen bombs fall on their houses, those words are meaningless.

Men charged with plotting to kill Obama

October 27, 2008

So the countdown has begun. With 8 days left to E-day, Obama looks like he has this election all wrapped up and already two men have been arrested last week plotting to assassinate Obama.  Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, were self-described white supremacists who were arrested arrested for  possession of sawed off shotgun and that they were going to raid a gun shop for ammunition. In the transcript they told they were planing on assassinating Obama and were charged for making threats against a presidential candidate.

The thing that disturb me the most about this article and when I saw it been reported on CNN was that they were going to start a killing spree at school predominately African-American to send a message. Then start killing innocent African-Americans until they reach their primary target Barack Obama. In the report that they would have willing to died for this to happen because of their skinhead philosophy.

I am very upset and sadden by this report. I am upset because is this THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Is it? This sounds like third world country where there is political unrest by the people. This should not occur in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We are cucurrently fighting countries that are political unrest bring democracy to their country so they can have fair and peaceful elections. In the United States we should not have that. This skins head, white supremacy, racist etc… need to get over the fact that the United States of America is changing. Soon they will be the minority in these country. They need to expect the face the facts that upcoming elections more and more minorities will be running for higher office and no matter what race, color, gender, or sexual orientation its GOING TO HAPPEN NOT BY IF, BUT WHEN! IF THEY CAN’T ACCEPT IT, THEN YOU KNOW WHAT EITHER YOU GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY OR DON’T VOTE!  There is no reason to kill innocent people just to protect our ideology. America is not based upon that. American is built on immigrants and opportunity for everyone.

Since the begin I have said to all my friends and family. If Obama gets elected that the countdown will begin until he is assassinated. I don’t want to see it happen, LET ME REPEAT I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN! But if you got two young adults plotting to kill him, I’m sure they are others who are planning the same. Now we saw a little bit of the unrest at McCain’s campaign when people in the background are saying,  “kill him” or “off with his head” All of this slur is building tension among these people who don’t want to see a Black President. Like i said if you got two young adults wanting to kill Obama and I’m sure that they are others who are wanting to the same. Like I said I don’t want to see Obama get assassinate, but God forbid it does then it will be a dark time in America. This would lead to civil and political unrest all across America. It will put fear into minorities for running for higher office if people can’t accept them. In my mind America is no better than any other non democratic government.

Here is the link to the article on CNN

2 Dead in an Arkansas University Shooting

October 27, 2008

It pains me to report another school shooting. At the University of Central Arkansas two shots were fired last night around 9:20pm which stole the peacefulness from this University.

Two students have been left dead in this tragic crime.

It seems that it has become a common and what bothers me, an accepted reality, that there will be shootings at Universities.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims of this brutal crime.

What Term Limits? City Council votes to extend term limits.

October 24, 2008

So it happened, the city council enthusiastically overturned the will of the people. There’s not much to say at this time, the people will not be muzzled like this and every single one of these members who voted to pass this travesty of a bill should be kicked out of office.

I strongly urge you to write your council member and let them know how you feel. The only way our council members are held accountable is by hearing from us. If they voted no, let them know that we’ll support them for ensuring our voice was heard. If they voted yes, let them know that they lost your vote and respect.

Here below is a list of the council members and how they voted, parties are not shown simply to show that this mockery of democracy has no party.
De Blasio-N

Quinn says no to term limits. Not on my watch.

October 12, 2008

Recently New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said something about term limits. It was her statement on overturning the referendum on term limits which caused much anger.

She cites a “global economic crisis that has led to unprecedented challenges for our City. Indications are, those challenges will continue to grow more severe.”

Ford on bailout

Ford on bailout

I’m sure this city has been through worse before. From a city which came near all out bankruptcy to which we had to appeal to then President Ford. We might all remember his reply as shown by the New York Daily News front cover.

Stonewall riots

Stonewall riots

We have also been through times of discrimination which have at times caused riots in the streets. New Yorkers came together in those times to support their fellow New Yorkers.

9/11 is a time when New Yorkers made it through a tough time. We didn’t need continual leadership through what I can say without a doubt was the most emotional moment in our history. We’ve made it through wars, depressions, recessions, and violence. Don’t give me this bull about an unprecedented crisis.

Would President George W. Bush get away with trying to extend his term due to the current crisis? Surely Mayor Bloomberg has done great things for this city but we can not go backwards.

What are your thoughts on the issue?