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Barack Obama: The Change World Tour

July 24, 2008

If you have been feeling down and blue with no explanation lately don’t fear. Not yet President Barack Obama has left the country. He recently embarked on a world tour, focusing on the Middle East and Europe. That explains your recent sadness.

Also if you somehow realized that Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson have been replaced this week, well Barack invited them along. What about me Barack? If you want St. John’s University’s most influential blogger on your side you damn well better take me along next time!

Now there is a lot of media attention to this tour. If he screws up it’ll be everywhere. I recommend he doesn’t eat the Wendy’s Baconator in Baghdad. Let’s see if he screws up.

So Senator Chuck Hagel went along with Barack Obama to Afghanistan to meet with President Hamid Karzai. Below is a picture of Senator Hagel with President Karzai.

So his meeting with Hamid Karzai went well, he didn’t screw anything up. But surely he’ll make some sort of mistake, maybe he’ll screw up the name of a city or a country.

Yea… like that. The Iraq – Pakistan border. Otherwise known as Iran…..



Should American Airlines be American owned?

July 11, 2008

I’m not talking about selling AA to a foreign investor, I’m talking straight up communism.

Should we nationalize the airlines? Now you’ve probably heard all the news on CNN or in the New York Times about how airlines are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The only reason they’re staying afloat is because of the fact that the U.S. government, using your tax dollars is making sure these companies don’t go bankrupt.

Meanwhile the CEO makes $6,500,000.00 in a failing business. Now talk about overpaid and under performing. A-rod, you’re off the hook. When your company is losing $328,000,000.00 do you really think you deserve making six figures?

You’re probably thinking, lets nationalize already! This is such a joke. However, think about that…. (more…)

Euro Cup 2008 Final (For Americans too!)

June 29, 2008

Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna, as 2:30 Eastern Standard Time approached here in New York City, people all over the world tuned in. All of them watching the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship or the EURO 2008.

Held every four years, the tournament brings together the national teams of Europe, featuring the best players in the world. It started with 16 teams in the tournament and two remain. Spain and Germany are the final two competing for the championship.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “But Chris the Yankees are playing the Mets!” and “who cares about soccer? This is America!” Well so far for the 30 matches held, the average attendance is 36,316 per match. Just over a million fans have filled stadiums for the tournament. The number of people who are watching this around the world will surely shock anyone who thinks 16.8 million for a world series (Game 1 2007) is great.

In 2004 the final between Greece and Portugal was watched by… ready for this? 153,000,000 people. One hundred and fifty three million. I’m sure the ratings will only increase this year.

Fernando Torres scores for Spain in the 33rd minute of the game which until then had been dominated by a more experienced German team. He put just enough touch on the ball to get it past Philipp Lahm and over Jens Lehmann. Shortly thereafter Michael Ballack came to the ground after a head to head collision with Senna. He was bleeding profusely and was ordered off the field only to come back with a new shirt and some dry blood.

Going into half time Spain leads 1-0 in search of their first title since 1964 when they hosted it.

Coming into the second half Philipp Lahm is subbed out, most likely for the costly error he made allowing Torres to score. Minutes 53 through 55 were non stop action. Xavi drilled a shot which Lehmann tipped away for a corner kick in the 53rd minute. In the 54th minute a corner kick goes wide from Spain which would of put them up 2-0. In the 55th minute Torres come through and almost scores another goal in the same fashion. This time he gets past Mertesacker but Lehmann comes out in time to stop it.

In the 64th minute tensions flare between the two teams. David Silva almost pulled a Zidane and attempted to head butt Lucas Podolski.

After a handball by Christoph Metzelder Spain takes a free kick. Xavi drills it and it hooks to the far side. The 22 year old Sergio Ramos sneaks in and gets a header towards the goal but Lehmann makes an amazing save to keep the score at 1-0.

This time Santi Cazorla takes a shot at Lehmann close in the box but Lehmann makes yet another save. With under 15 minutes left in regular play time Germany is getting desperate.

Germany who is seeking their 4th Euro Cup title has to score to stay alive. Inside the final 10 minutes Germany trails in the European Championship Final. Spain is on the attack, this time Senna slides in to make it a two goal game but misses by inches!

With 5 minutes left in regular time, the crowd starts coming to life. The red and yellow sections of Spanish fans behind the German goal are going insane. They can not believe they are this close to seeing their team win the championship. Many of these fans weren’t even born the last time Spain won.

There are 44 million people in Spain right now watching or listening to this game, hanging on every word, living and dying with every kick. If Spain wins tonight the parties will rage from Barcelona, to Valencia to Madrid and Cadiz.

With the 90 minutes over we go into stoppage time. Stoppage time is time allotted to play for the time the game was stopped either because of a call, or a ball going out of play.

It’s over! It’s all over! Spain wins!

For those 44 million, those 44 years are finally over! Spain is crowned the champion of Europe for the next four years.

Fernando Torres

World Reacts to Obama Nomination

June 6, 2008

The news of Barack Obama’s nomination wasn’t just headlines news here in the U.S. it made headlines all over the world. The man has changed the face, of American politics, literally. When you thought of an American president you generally thought of an old white male, and more recently someone who wasn’t exactly loved by his audience. Now there is a possibility of a young, black president who speaks at events that are more like rock concerts than press conferences. The world is taking note.

French television has already started talking about who would be his VP pick. “Choosing Hillary means choosing Bill too,” said one reporter. Even the French President Nicolas Sarkozy had something to say in a phone interview, he said Barack Obama “embodies the America of today and tomorrow.” According to a New York Times report Patrick Devedjian, the head of President Sarkozy’s center-right political party, called Mr. Obama’s candidacy ‘’a very beautiful image of America, the image of a candidate who transcends race and got to where he is because of merit alone.” According to the same article by Alan Cowell Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, declared: “His candidacy carries an enormous hope for his country and for peace in the world.”

In Germany Josef Joffe the publisher and editor of Die Ziet wrote:

“We western Europeans wish for nothing more fervently than Barack Obama leading the USA. But he would be president of a very strong superpower, and that usually means trouble. A commentary.

The spirit of the times blows for Obama – if more softly in Asia, Africa and Latin America than here in western Europe. For us, it may be an optical illusion that sticks in our minds: that comforting picture in which it isn’t America that’s the problem, it’s George W. Bush. Out with the cowboy, in with change and hope, and we can again love America.”

In Kenya when asked about the country’s feelings about Barack being elected as part Kenyan himself
“We are feeling great,” stated Obama’s uncle. Here’s a link to a BBC report about Kenyan reaction.

“Obama’s America on the doorstep of history,” said a headline on the front page of As Safir in Lebanon.

In London the newspapers were covered with images of Barack and Hillary.

It seems the media of the United States isn’t the only one enamored with Barack Obama. The foreign press also seems to love Obama. Simply for the fact that Barack Obama is not Bush. Perhaps America doesn’t have the bad reputation we all think it does globally. Maybe Obama can restore the vision of America as the last best hope. We can only wait and see.

What do you think the world sees when they turn an eye to our political system?

Here’s a link to a related CNN article

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