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Mean Dean Skelos

June 24, 2008

Dean Skelos…. what do you know about him?

Well, I’m assuming you know about as much as I did before I read up on him. Allow me to fill you in on Mean Dean.

When you look at his record you’ll see the man who authored Megan’s law and voted to get rid of the commuter tax in New York City. Not bad you might say, however when you look into his voting history you’ll realize that he is just another Washington insider.

At the annual New York State Republican Party dinner Republican Vice President Dick Cheney was the keynote speaker. In the address Mr Cheney said America was “succeeding brilliantly” in Iraq. If we’re succeeding so brilliantly in Iraq why are we still there?

I find it hard to believe that someone who has $750 a person dinners in Albany is a man of the people.

This is the man who blocked the MTA from buying more buses in order to alleviate congestion in New York City and make it easier for people to commute. With the high prices of gasoline, I’m pretty sure those buses would of been a good investment. Especially when you consider the fact that these were express buses.

On top of that he has been spending your tax money on pork barrel pet projects. $250,000.00 to renovate a baseball field in his district? Do you really need that much money to fix up a baseball field? On top of that another $250,000.00 for a flight worthy B-17 for a museum.

This is exactly what Albany has been doing. This is why we’re the most gridlocked legislature in the nation! If we keep spending our tax dollars on things like this when kids in schools can’t read books. What’s more important to you? Would you rather have a highway reconstruction, bringing jobs to your neighborhood and increasing your economy, or would you rather have a big shiny airplane in a museum?

Museums are great! But you have to do what is important first. Joe Bruno has left the economy in a bad state. Dean seems just like more of the same. Thankfully the democrats will take back the State Senate this year and will give Governor Patterson the majority he needs in order to pass some useful legislation.

The time for change is now!

Dean Skelos