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Dow Down 400 Points, Oil Jumps $10

June 6, 2008

Nick Roloson here, financial correspondent reporting from Wall Street

After watching the closing bell and seeing these numbers…I really don’t know what to say about this. I wanted to write here out of anger, but I’m merely speechless. The Bush Adminstration is doing absolutely nothing to assist in this ailing economy. It is by far the most important issue in this campaign, and yet John McCain still manages to find Barack Obama and the Florida Everglades to be his most important issues. Senator McCain has an incredibly distorted view of economics. Not only was he humiliated at a Republican debate by Congressman Ron Paul by displaying completely idiocy when it came to questions on the economy, but he has shown time and time again to have no knowledge of anything economics-related. If you find that George Bush has been really helpful to the American economy, then vote for McCain. But if you think that America needs to restore its economic standing in the world, then we need to elect Barack Obama to the White House. What are your thoughts on the economy?


Better Know a Member

June 3, 2008

Yes, it’s time once again for another installment of Better Know a Members, today we have Nick Roloson the Vice President of the College Democrats

CP: Thanks for sitting down with me
NR: I’m starting to regret this decision

CP: You’re the vice president; John Adams said the position of Vice President is the most meaningless position ever created by man, would you agree?
NR: I will not
CP: Why?
NR: Well by definition the Vice President is supposed to take the position of the president incase he can not fulfill them, so the VP is ready.
CP: Isn’t that a fancy way of saying, you’re just waiting until he dies?
NR: I don’t think so
CP: Are you waiting for Edgar to die?
NR: No but if he does I’m ready to take office

CP: Now as vice president do you want to be more like Al Gore or Dick Cheney?
NR: I’ll say Al Gore
CP: So you want to gain 50 pounds?
NR: IF being more like Al Gore than Cheney entails 50 pounds then I’ll take the sacrifice

CP: Why do you care about politics?
NR: Oh my god, you’re asking me a serious question
CP: They’re all serious questions
NR: Politics is important because it governs every aspect of your life from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, from every person you know to every person you don’t know
CP: Is that why you joined the College Democrats?
NR: I joined College Dems because I wanted to make a difference, in my community, in this community and in the world community

CP: The world community, do the College dems have that much influence?
NR: Directly no, but the connections in the experience you get helps you 15,20,30 years down the road

CP: what’s the number one issue facing the college democrats?
NR: Support

CP: What do the college democrats do besides take road trips to Ithaca, throw drunken parties, and run amok on campus annoying your angry dean?
NR: Well, we service a community
CP: Isn’t that illegal?
NR: We do community service events, lets say it like that. We help get local officials elected, we open up networking and job opportunities for our members, and we keep the respectful and intellectual political discourse on campus alive

CP: you’re a white male from an affluent suburb on Long Island, why aren’t you a republican?
NR: Because I reason

CP: Finish this sentence, I hate republicans because…
NR: Well I don’t HATE republicans, I simply disagree with them. I don’t believe in their core values

CP: If you could pass one law right now what would it be?
NR: We’ve passed so many laws giving power to the national government, any law I’d pass would simply be to repeal most of the laws and executive orders passed over the last seven years. Although, I’d like to pass through the Kyoto protocol.
CP: so you believe in global warming?
NR: I do
CP: Have you seen any glaciers disappear?
NR: no but maybe they’re already gone
CP: but maybe they’re all still there
NR: I guess you got me

CP: So why are you so adamant in your support of Ron Paul if you’re not a republican?
NR: To spare the details, there is a difference between neo conservative, and conservative. He is at heart a good person, he wants to eliminate poverty, he wants to help the middle class, he wants to make the US image in the world better, it’s like the democrats with the exception of domestic issues

CP: So you’re a conservative democrat?
NR: Depends on what your definition of conservative is
CP: I mean like Lieberman, are you Joe Lieberman?
NR: I would not consider myself to be Lieberman
CP: Is it because he’s Jewish?
NR: That is one reason why I’m not like him

CP: What do you think about the current situation between Barack and Hillary?
NR: I think it gets overplayed a lot, I think she’ll drop out by tomorrow, this has just built up a political machine for the democrats but this machine isn’t going to hurt us, it’s going to help us in November, but as I’ve said before if anyone can lose in November it’s the democrats.
CP: But don’t democrats rage against the machine?
NR: We don’t rage against it, we just like to change it
CP: So you’re like Neo from the Matrix?
NR: In what way?
CP: You can change the machine

CP: So what do you say to Hillary supporters?
NR: Don’t be discouraged, you fought the good fight, but at the end of the day we did win fair and square, Obama won fair and square. We have to come together as a party and we have to realize that McCain is just another 4 more years of Bush and whether you support Hillary or Obama we both have to realize that is not a good idea.

CP: Let’s get local, recently our governors have admitted to various crimes, please just say yes when I name a crime you have committed, prostitution …. smoking marijuana … cocaine use … smuggling illegal immigrants across the border … shot someone … nothing? Ok so what’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?
NR: I think I jay walked 20 minutes ago but that’s about it.

CP: College Republicans…douche bags?
NR: they are a long awaited asset to the school
CP: but why?
NR: because it allows for political discourse to arise instead of having one dominant party, I’m glad the College Dems pushed hard to allow the College Republicans to form
CP: So like Darth Vader, are you their father?
NR: we’re the motivational uncle
CP: Like Uncle Jesse
NR: except better looking
CP: You’re better looking than John Stamos?
NR: Collectively yes

CP: So what events are you looking forward to most next year?
NR: Everything is still on paper, but if we get everything done that we’re working on, either the get out the vote concert or the blue ball
CP: why not more than one? Why not have two blue balls?
NR: If the people want two blue balls, we’ll give them two blue balls
CP: Are you saying right now that you’ll personally see to it that everyone gets two blue balls?
NR: Yes!…wait a minute

CP: Do you plan on doing any events with the College Republicans?
NR: Voter registration drives, the concert, but nothing is in stone, we’ll also try for joint meetings
CP: if you think the College Dems and College Republicans will meet together, then the only joint you’ll have is one in your hand

CP: Brian Lestz was the president your freshman year, bad president or the worst president?
NR: Neither, he was a good president. Wait, wasn’t Shamil the president? Granted I never saw any of the president but he was still a good president
CP: So who is the worst?
NR: I’ve only seen one
CP: So he’s the best and the worst?
NR: Fair compromise
CP: Worst president ever, got it… thanks for sitting down with me

Dennis Kucinich Drops From the Race

January 26, 2008

Dennis Kucinich has offically dropped out of the race. While it’s a terrible thing that he had to drop out before Febuary 5th, it think it speaks millions more to how this race is shapping up to be. The race has become Barack Obama vs Hilary Clinton. But have we not realized what we missed out on? Experience? Bill Richardson has more expeirence than ANY of the candidates combined! Change? Dennis Kucinich was promoting an end to NAFTA, a single-payer not for profit health care system, and an end to the war now; not 2013. Yet now we have been left with two candidates, neither of whom take pre-emptive war off the table, neither of whom address the horror that is NAFTA, and neither of whom voted against the Patriot Act. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that we now have a black man and a woman running for President (although I doubt when the day came, people ever would have thought they had to choose one or the other) but I think it is important to question our values. Are we really a nation so terrified of terrorism that we’re willing to maintain an overseas empire, AND provide Universal Health Care for all? Are we willing to launch a pre-emptive war, against EVERY precedent America was founded on and guided on until the creation of the United Nations? In the words of James Madison, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy Let’s be realistic here.

It is a sad day when the only sensible voice of dissent is silenced because he isn’t ranking high in national polls, or because the debate is being run by a company that disagrees with his opinions. Since when did these things matter in Democracy? In fact, Dennis Kucinich is the defintion of what Democracy is. I was reading another blog the other day, and they summed it up perfectly: “If no one in America had a television set, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would be the front runners of their respective parties, no question about it.”