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September 28, 2008

It’s that time once again. I smell something bad, and it’s not Sarah Palin’s mooseburgers.

I call shenanigans!

This time I’m calling shenanigans on Kevin, Jay, and Derek. Who are these three? Well they are some ill informed, and sometimes outright absurd St. John’s students who seem to want to destroy Senator Obama’s image.

St. John’s University conducted a poll of students about the recent Presidential Debates. Stunningly a majority took Obama’s side in regards to who won.

Read what they wrote after the jump. (more…)



June 2, 2008

I call Shenanigans!!!

Something reeks and it’s not my dirty laundry this time.

It’s time for another installment of Shenanigans. This time we have Elizabeth Crowley under the microscope.

Elizabeth Crowley is cousin to Joseph Crowley a Queens Congressman. Her parents have both been City Council members, and two of her sisters serve on local school boards and community boards. She is the creation of a political machine. However she says she’s not your typical politician.

She does have a point, this memorial weekend at the parade while the typical politicians were sitting at home watching the parade and not campaigning out of respect, Elizabeth and her staff were flooding the streets with flyers and literature.

Now your typical campaign is qualified in some previous political office, she is not your typical politician because she doesn’t believe you need any of that “Political experience” to serve in office.

Typical politicians usually have some money in the bank to run for office. She isn’t your typical politician because she stills owes $56,257 from her previous campaign. Typical politicians don’t start campaigns in debt. While other typical politicians can’t run for office if they owe money, she’s not the typical campaign so she can run, I mean why not when your cousin is a congressman?

Typical politicians get endorsements then tell everyone about them. Not Crowley! She received the endorsement of the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens then on Friday, May 23rd she told the Queens Tribune that she was against gay marriage. She didn’t put their logo on her literature and completely disregarded them, now would a typical politician do that?

Typical politicians usually distance themselves from people who might be viewed as bad when they run. Not Elizabeth! Hell she was in a relationship with convicted criminal Brian McLaughlin who by the way, was married at the time. A typical politician might care about having an affair with a married person, not Elizabeth!

Typical politicians when asked who the worst council man was would probably answer “the one who raped the grandmother” Not Elizabeth, especially when he’s an adviser to your campaign!

No it turns out she’s not your typical politician at all when you look at it. She’s just a run of the mill, well connected latte sipping elitist.


May 1, 2008

I call shenanigans!

Something smells in here, and I’m going to have to address it.

Ian Rivera of the Hillary Clinton campaign, we’ve been constantly hearing and reading your comments about Hillary Clinton and you throwing your support behind her. Now for anyone that knows you today, we all know you as a solid hardcore Hillary Clinton supporter.

However, is it not true that you yourself were an Obama man?

Surely someone who has come out so strongly against him, in favor of Clinton wouldn’t support the man.

Why is it then Ian, that on February 15th 2007, over a year ago you stated this:

Ian Rivera wrote
at 11:33pm on February 15th, 2007
woohoo…Go Obama

Now, this is in a group on Facebook called “St. Johns Students For Barack Obama”
Only two days later you go on to say:

“Hey…it happens…poeple want to deny the ability of a young, ambitious black male who has a vision for the future of this country because of his “lack of experience.” If only they could look past that and actually listen to his ideas – he is the only Democratic Senator that has actually forwarded a plan for leaving Iraq”

Mr. Rivera, you have attacked Obama for his plan on pulling troops out of Iraq, saying it’s too soon. Why is it then that last year you were so strongly supporting Senator Barack Obama when he was the only Democratic Senator in leaving Iraq?

It seems that this isn’t the only time that you have supported Senator Barack Obama.

In the May 2 issue of AM New York you are quoted as saying:

“”Yes, Obama is really resonating with the youth,” said Ian Rivera, 19, and a sophomore at St. John’s University. “I think they’ve fallen in love with the ideas he talks about”

you go on to talk about “…the real kind of change that youth want to see.” all in the same article.

Now Ian, how do you expect anyone to take you serious when we don’t know who you really support. You say you support Hillary, yet you publicly support Barack Obama almost a year ago. Where do you stand sir?

You talk about Clinton being able to reach the Hispanic voters. You said she did this in Texas, and Arizona and New Mexico.

However, on a blog titled “Informed Students: Blog the Vote”. A blog which was talking about Hispanic voters being as valuable to the democratic party as black voters.

On March 5th, 2007 on that blog you said:

“I disagree. As a whole, The black population votes overwhelmingly Democrat, while the Hispansics – many which are conservative Catholics- vote Republican. I feel that it is too early anyway, but in essence i disagree with this thought”

Now you are completely disenfranchising the Hispanic vote. Ian Rivera… where do you stand?

On the February 2, 2008 edition of the CNN newsroom you were quoted as saying

“I have strong feelings about, you know, my responsibility in terms of taking a direct effect in this election and the way the country’s going.”

Isn’t that something Barack Obama would say?

Do Hispanic voters matter or not?
Do you support Obama or Hillary?
Do you quote Obama often?