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September 28, 2008

It’s that time once again. I smell something bad, and it’s not Sarah Palin’s mooseburgers.

I call shenanigans!

This time I’m calling shenanigans on Kevin, Jay, and Derek. Who are these three? Well they are some ill informed, and sometimes outright absurd St. John’s students who seem to want to destroy Senator Obama’s image.

St. John’s University conducted a poll of students about the recent Presidential Debates. Stunningly a majority took Obama’s side in regards to who won.

Read what they wrote after the jump. (more…)


Mythbusters: College Dems Style

June 15, 2008

After reading several comments on Facebook, and listening to CNN’s coverage of the Kentucky and West Virginia primaries…I decided it be best if we have a little Mythbusters episode right here. I’m sure it’s been done before, but yet strangely some people still believe some of these myths.

Myth 1: Barack Obama is a Muslim

Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He was born in Hawaii to a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya. Although his father had indeed converted to Islam, Barack Jr. took the path of almost every child of a monotheistic religion and took the faith of his mother. He attended schools in Hawaii, and Indonesia…never once renouncing his Christian faith. I know everyone loves to bash Barack over the Jeremiah Wright situation…well I have some urgent news: JEREMIAH WRIGHT IS A CHRISTIAN.


Myth 2: Barack Obama is “UnAmerican”

Just because the man doesn’t wear a lapel pin doesn’t make him a terrorist. Our founding fathers died so that we would have the choice as to whether or not to wear a quarter inch peice of fake metal on our jackets. I don’t wear lapel pins, but I love this nation. And to clarify: he wasn’t holding his hand over his heart during the Star Spangled Banner…not the Pledge of Alliegance. To those of you who think that this is still a fowl, next time you attend a Yankees or Mets game, go around and declare a War on every person who is respectfully folding their hands and looking down in honor.


Myth 3: Barack Obama attended a Madrassa.

This isn’t true.


Myth 4: Barack Obama wears a turban.

I’m not going to bother explaining the false nature of this statement seeing as the people who ACTUALLY believe this most likely do not own a televison or have an internet connection.


Myth 5: Barack Obama will raise your taxes!

Okay, you got me on this one. If you own a 6 billion dollar home and sit on a golden toilet…you’re probably going to have to pay more taxes. But if you’re making 50,000 dollars a year, Barack will actually lower your taxes! He has proposed a tax cut for the middle class to keep it thriving! By cutting the War in Iraq we save enough money to get struggling families to make it back on their feet. As for the Donald Trumps of the world, you may have to go from a 6 billion dollar home to a 2 billion dollar home, and may I suggest sitting on a marble toilet instead.


Myth 6: Barack Obama is a stunning individual


Myth 7: Barack Obama is inexperienced and has done nothing in the Senate.


“On the December 18, 2006, edition of The Big Story, Fox News political analyst Dick Morris falsely claimed that Obama has “never introduced a bill” in Congress. In fact, according to the Library of Congress’ THOMAS legislative database, Obama was the primary sponsor of 152 bills and resolutions introduced in the last Congress, including a bill(S.2125) that passed Congress on December 8, 2006, “to promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” which he introduced on December 16, 2005. In addition, three nonbinding resolutions sponsored by Obama have passed the Senate, and 14 bills that he has co-sponsored have become law.

Obama has also introduced numerous other pieces of legislation. For example:

  • Introduced a bill (S.1194) directing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to establish guidelines for tracking spent fuel rods.
  • Introduced a bill (S.1426) extending provisions in the Safe Drinking Water Act that relate to preventing and detecting contamination.
  • Introduced a bill (S.1920) amending the Clean Air Act to establish a renewable diesel standard.
  • Introduced a bill (S.3988.) improving benefits and services for members of the armed forces and veterans.”


Myth 8: Barack Obama will Swear the Oath of Office on Qu’ran.

Come on…for the last time people…HE IS A CHRISTIAN BORN AND RAISED.


Myth 9: Barack Obama will be the Worst President we’ve ever had




June 10, 2008

Senator John McCain has been on the offensive in attacking Barack Obama on his economic policies, especially his plan to raise taxes. Yes, the overall total of taxes would go up in Barack Obama’s economic plan, that’s true. But the fact is that they would only go up for the wealthy and that Obama would cut income taxes for 95% of American workers. It is a shame that John McCain has not yet learned from the mistakes that Bush has made with his tax cuts for the wealthy.

It’s funny how McCain has proposed $300 billion more in tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations but hasn’t yet said how he would execute this plan. It is obvious that McCain’s economic policies are eerily similar to the failed ones of George W. Bush. When something is wrong, you don’t keep doing it and expect anything to change. You have to stop waiting for change and start making the changes that would improve the average living standard of an average American citizen.