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Russia expands blitz, Ukraine drawn in.

August 11, 2008
Map of Georgian Conflict Zones

Map of Georgian Conflict Zones

As expected Russian forces opened up a new front line in the province of Abkhazia invading the internationally recognized sovereign territory of Georgia. The Georgian Government has stated that 4,000 Russian soldiers have been sent to this region. This is on top of the troops pushing forward in South Ossetia. The province of Abkhazia has been a de-facto republic and autonomous region of Georgia living quite peacefully until recently. The assault from Abkhazia has been backed by both separatists in the region and the Russian Navy. Here is where Ukraine gets involved.

The Russian Naval Fleet is based in Ukraine, much to the dismay of Ukraine. Ukraine however has said it will bar Russian ships which took part in the offensive from returning to their base. You can bet your money on it that the Russians will not be happy. (more…)