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Democratic NYS Senate coming soon to a district near you!

September 24, 2008

The most recent Siena Research Institute Poll was released today regarding the top five most contested races thus far for the NYS Senate. Below is a chart breaking down the percentages of each candidate.

The Republicans are currently enjoying a 30-31 majority in the NYS Senate (more…)


Bye bye Bruno…

June 24, 2008

Only four days after letters were sent by Democratic candidates to State Senate Republicans demanding that they support the property tax cap, Republican State Senator Joseph Bruno (SD-43) saw the writing on the wall and decided not to run for re-election. What this does is open up his seat for an unanticipated uncontested dog fight. It will actually draw attention away from other vital State Senate races such as the Trunzo (R) v. Foley/Dahroug (D) (SD-3), Padavan (R) v. Gennaro (D) (SD-11), Maltese (R) v. Addabbo/Baldeo (D) (SD-15), and Hannon (R) v. McElroy (D) (SD-06).

It looks like Bruno’s successor, Dean Skelos (R) (SD-9), is going to be voted in today by Senate Republicans over Thomas Libous (R) (SD-52). When Skelos becomes the majority leader, it’ll be the first time since 1995 that the Senate power will return to Long Island. It’s too bad that the Senate majority will be short lived for Republicans with the departure of Joe Bruno, since there is no reason for other State Senate GOP wall mounts to stick around.

To steal a line from Bob Dylan’s third album cover, “The Times They Are a-Changing”

The Race Seen Around the State

June 21, 2008

In the roughly 40 years that Republicans have dominated New York State politics, never have the Democrats been so close to finally taking back the notoriously Blue state. The fight won’t be easy, but it will be won in the most unlikely place; Suffolk County Long Island.


Brian Foley never expected to be watched by so many eyes in the state, but this Brookhaven native went from local hero to statewide tie breaker. He served as a Suffolk County Legislator until he was term limited out and now serves as Brookhaven’s Town Supervisor. Brian has worked to bring comprehensive tax reform to the area; which is stereotypically what the Republicans campaign on (whether or not they actually do it)He helped end decades of corruption in Brookhaven brought about by the well-entrenched Republican machine. As one supporter puts it: “Under the Republican leadership Brookhaven became Crookhaven, but with Brian, we finally have our Safehaven.” Mr. Foley is now looking to bring this mentality to Albany by running for State Senate in the 3rd District.

To put it into some perspective: Suffolk County Long Island has not elected a Democrat into the State Senate in…and I’m not exaggerating…108 years.  The gridlock has gained National attention, as New York’s government has been ranked the most gridlocked in the entire nation. For Governor Patterson and New York State to finally be able to get things done, and finally get help to the people who need it most, we need to have Brian Foley win this seat. It is imperative as New Yorkers that we finally have our proper representation in our government and have the Democrats run the show for once. In my personal opinion, the coming months will see a lot more of Brian X. Foley.