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Respect for Rationality largely missing from US political mainstream

September 27, 2009

BehindTheScenesGlennBeck.flv Every night the eternal political soap opera machine whirs into action. Millions of Americans , filled with human hopes, and fears, and too often an acute disdain for rationality sit neutrally before their telescreens, waiting to be programmed. Enter Glenn Beck, enter Keith Olbermann, enter the era of postmodern journalism.

In a country farmhouse in rural Iowa, a man fearful of the sexualization of everyday life tunes into Bill O’Reily of Fox news, because his appeal to the moral climate of  small town christian culture is in keeping with his own. Satisfied and vindicated at hearing the “Hollywood left” chastised and villanized, he says a prayer for his family and his crops and his country at war and falls peacefully asleep.

In a Lower East Side flat, 20 minutes from the center of the media universe,  a hysterical laughter echoes through the cramped living room of a young NYU graduate student offended and demoralized by what he sees as an attack on rationality, freedom of expression, and truth. Keith Olbermann’s witty characterizations of Bill O’Reilly are to him a humorous transfusion of  rational blood into the toxic, hostile, irrational climate of American politics.

Somewhere in Georgia, an unemployed former machinist-turned militia member polishes his prized possession—a scoped M14 assault rifle passed to him through the generations. But this instrument of violence is not the only thing passed down to him from his predecessors. On a small, color television in the corner of his garage, the Aryan features of Glenn Beck maniacally oscillate from unmitigated rage to tears of defeat as the drama of American racism marches on.

A young man sits in Jamaica Queens, writing a blog for his college’s Democratic organization wondering how it is that his nation’s major source of information became an incessant middle school shouting match complete with name-calling, gossip, and intense clannishness.

It is clear that modern media had always been distorted, manipulated and influenced by economic and political elites for the purposes of social control, value impregnation, and economic gain. But the postmodern media is something even more sinister than the belated objectives of social engineering.

The main function of  modern US political media is to serve as a distraction from the realities of the political questions of our times. By turning the objective into the interpretive, fact into opinion, and distortions into topics for serious consideration we get a country where  millions of citizens seriously debate whether public health care could lead to death panels, or health insurance for illegal immigrants,  or socialized everything. This “debate”  over misinformation distracts people from serious critical questions  about American democracy and balancing the need for free-enterprise with answering the moral call to ease  human suffering.

Our irrational media has allowed irrationality into the mainstream, if only because irrational, faith-driven people are easier to herd than a questioning, skeptical populace. Why is it that in a country where 40% of the population identifies as Athiest or Agnostic that presidential candidates, if not all candidates are terrified to admit they do not “believe in God,”  which is a striking difference to most industrialized democracies with the exception of  Ireland and Italy. So who is speaking for us, the real outcasts of the American political mainstream?   Who will speak for us?


Fox News, I’m Calling You Out

January 28, 2009

Now that we have a new Democratic President, it has become increasingly evident that Fox News is not all that happy. From the story of the “Terrorist Fist Jab” to Sean Hannity’s crusade to inform Americans that Barack Obama is actually Satan himself, it is sad that Fox is still followed by the word “News”. 

Recently, Fox has begun the following theory:

Making fun of President Bush = Unpatriotic

Making fun of President Obama = Our only chance of survival


Fox, I think it’s time you began to refer to yourself as to what you really are; propaganda. When you’ve given Karl Rove, Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee their own television shows and still claim to be Fair and Balanced there is something terribly wrong. Thanks but no thanks Sean. He’s been under scruntiny for the past 2 years while he was running for President and is now under a non-stop barage of press as President, will you please stop trying to tell us who the real Barack Obama is? Fear mongering is disgusting. Fear mongering is un-American. The price of living in a democracy is having to accept it when your candidate does not win.

So to everyone at Fox, in the words of Bill O’Reilly: “Whether you like it or not he is the President of the United States, attacking him is unpatriotic”


July 6, 2008

Lately in the news we’ve been seeing a series of attacks on Michelle Obama. The pundits(Fox News) and the GOP claim that she is fair game because she made a comment that she was “finally proud to be an American”. It’s astounding that people would go hysterical over a comment like that from someone who is black and who is a woman from a major city, raising two children in the USA. But regardless, if we are going to be petty children over what ‘he said she said’ allow me to say a few words about Cindy McCain.

Cindy McCain was born to an incredibly wealthy family, her father founded Hensley and Co. a large scale distributor for Anheuser-Busch of which she is now the chair. She lived the typical life anyone would expect, eventually marrying John McCain (then in the Navy). In 1989 Cindy developed a drug addiction. She became addicted to several perscription painkillers such as Valium and Perocet. Cindy took the drugs because of a recent surgery, and to ease the pain from the Keating Five Scandal. Her addiction got so bad that she actually resorted to theft. But here’s the punchline. Cindy McCain stole those perscription drugs from a charity organization that was meant to benefit the sick and dying in third world nations, THAT SHE FOUNDED! Thankfully, Cindy did recover from her addiction, but she has stayed two steps behind John ever since.

I do not write this as an attack on Cindy McCain. I do not write this as an attack on John McCain. Rather I write this because it is appauling to me how Michelle Obama gets treated after one sentence and a “terrorist fist jab” and yet Cindy McCain is allowed to steal medicine from starving children and it never gets mentioned once.  I highly doubt that Fox News would ever run this story in a fair way, and I’m sure Sean Hannity would find some diabolical way to make stealing drugs totally acceptable. But maybe someday this story will be picked up and people can see that maybe a young black woman finally seeing progress for blacks and women in this nation after 200 years isn’t as bad a rich white woman who stole drugs from children of third world nations to get her fix.

Cindy and Michelle

Barack Obama… secret terrorist?

June 12, 2008

Yes… yes, you heard it. The always fair and balanced Fox News claimed Obama’s fist bump with his wife Michelle Obama is a terrorist fist jab. Yes, Barack Obama is in league with the worst of them.

Upon further investigation Fox News also discovered that the terrorists have infiltrated Major League Baseball as seen here

It seems that the terrorists have also manged to get into the National Basketball Association, the National Football Association and the National Hockey Association. But it’s not just terrorists, it’s also communists!


and black radicals!

black power

So be careful with these terrorists on the loose among us. You never know who or where they are. We don’t know when they will strike next so they are a threat to our survival, we will have to raise the alert level to whatever is above Yellow.

Just remember that the next time you friend tells you to “pound it”
pound it

Buy him a one way ticket to Guantanamo

Remember everybody to stay safe, and steer clear of secret terrorists, and secret Muslims. One way to tell if someone is a secret Muslim is if they spend a lot of time in the middle east, and hang out with other well known Muslims. Just keep your eyes open.